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Family Photographer

I have been a photographer for 15 years and have enjoyed every second of it. It's taken me many places, including an artist in residence program in snowy Montana to an advertising photo agent in New York. Now it's taken me to what I love to do best. When I do a session, I'm photographing more than the people in front of me, I'm capturing what makes them human. That's how my photos are different and that's what makes them a keepsake.

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Harmony n Glow Ointment

Harmony 'N' Glow All Purpose Skin Care Formula Originally designed for pediatric care and delicate baby skin, this natural, safe ointment is powerful enough for the harshest conditions. Outdoorsmen and frequent campers love the way this cream penetrates for burns, rashes, and itches, and it even prevents mosquito bites! Mothers who use it say it’s the best cream for their soft hands and young children. Supports Deep Skin Hydration Moisturizes & nourishes the skin Reduces Skin Inflammation Boosts dermal blood circulation Heals Wounds Instantly Reduces blemishes & scars Eliminates Chronic Pain Supports joint health & mobility Your entire family can finally treat all your basic skin conditions with one simple, natural, and highly effective skin ointment. Check out our website and place your order now

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