Newborn & Postpartum Care Classes


Newborn & Postpartum Care Classes for Nannies, Caregivers and Parents
Topics include:  diapering, swaddling, mother’s care after birth, SIDS safety, breastfeeding support, formula feeding support, PPD, soothing baby during fussy times, caring for twins and higher order multiples, bathing, diapering and more.  

Can I just take a class at my local hospital or birthing center?   
Yes! Birthing classes and new parent classes are intended for expectant parents intending to give birth at that facility.  While they are wonderful, they are not typically aimed at caregivers. 

Will you do private teaching in my home, or for my agency?
Yes! We have done private classes for families, National Nanny Training Day and other care companies. Contact us below if you or your company is interested!

Who teaches the NCP program?
The instructors of NCP are the Registered Nurses of Let Mommy Sleep, the nation’s leading overnight newborn care service, under the direction of the Fairfax and NVCC nursing programs.