Melissa of Rubinstein Family Chiropractic


I discovered Chiropractic when I started dating my now husband Dr. Shimon Rubinstein. Once under chiropractic care I experienced many positive changes in my health, including the improvement of migraines that had plagued me a few times per week since my teens. It was then I decided I wanted to become a chiropractor myself. Following my graduation from Florida International University with a B.S. in Health Science, Dr. Shimon and I moved to Atlanta to pursue our dream of being chiropractors at Life University. It was there during school that I got pregnant with our son. It was the best surprise ever and led me to developed a passion to help people at all stages of life reach their fullest potential through chiropractic care. I work with expectant mothers, babies, children, and adults. I also have a special certification to work with pregnant women called the Webster Technique and continues my education by attending seminars focused on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic.
  • Available for Short Notice
  • Doctor Of Chiropractic
  • Webster Technique Certified
  • Professional and Responsible
Why Melissa is passionate about helping moms:

Being a mom is the most amazing opportunity in your lifetime. Having a strong support system and resources to help guide you on your journey is not only a help but essential. As a chiropractor I begin to help mom’s when they are trying to get pregnant, through their pregnancy and for their growing families. I am so passionate about helping moms because as a mom myself I know how important having a trusting person to ask a question to or get care from is. I work toward not just being a care provider but to connect other moms together so they can connect and support each other.