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Mom / Wellness & Nutrition

Postpartum Wellness

Providing a safe, compassionate and accepting space for personal growth. Our office in McLean, Virginia offers specialized counseling services to women experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Referrals to Postpartum Wellness come from psychiatrists, OBGYNs, family practioners, pediatricians, RNs, therapists, feeding support groups, and direct referrals from the mother or family members. Babies are always welcome!

Raynor Consulting Mental Health and Psychotherapy

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, please search no more... I strive to help you to find your happiness and peace. I offer unique techniques that blended with arts and technology. I have a great understanding of diverse cultures, religions and family dynamics. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety or need help with your academic, career or business choices, I am here for you. I have a master degree in Forensic Psychology, a master degree in International Business, and a master degree in Mental Health Counseling. I practice client-centered approach which offers you a gentle, welcoming and a safe place to explore your goals. I believe everybody in life deserves to live happily. I also empower my clients for better academic and business choices. Call me or email me for a free consultation. I welcome severely depressed and anxious people. I work with people who believe there is no hope for them.

Dina Garcia- Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Mindful Eating Coach

Whether you're a stay at home mom or bring'n home the bacon making meal time stress free can be a challenge. I help moms on all aspects involved with feeding their kids well. - Opening up the palate of a "picky eater" - Helping you get organized around meal prep & planning in less than 10 minutes a week - Guidance on how to best support your child if you are concerned about their weight. - Lifestyle changes for the whole family

Personalized Parenting – Thoughtful parent coaching for your unique family

Personalized Parenting offers thoughtful parent coaching for your unique family. Toddler tantrums? Sleep struggles? Difficulty managing your child's emotions? Trouble setting limits and creating boundaries? Having a hard time navigating adolescence? Dr. Adams can help. Expert advice, real results, and flexible scheduling are offered through Skype and phone-based parent coaching. Dr. Adams provides accessible parent support, collaborating with parents to enrich relationships.

Wellness on a Budget

These products are available to the marketplace through an online shopping account that makes buying what you need extremely convenient - No longer deal with the hassle of loading the kids up in the car, getting through those stressful shopping trips with crying or cranky children, or wasting money on the extra items in the toy department or at the cash wrap.