Life As A Mompreneur The Balancing Act Glimpse 5

Life As A Mompreneur The Balancing Act Glimpse 5

Then I take a look and their kids are definitely older than mine at 3 kids 4 and under and I take a breath of relief.
So this blog is for you mommies with a bunch of littles trying to find balance in this whirlwind of MOMpreneur life!

Being a MOMpreneur can feel isolating but hopefully in following this blog you will feel a connection to know there are alot of moms just like us trying to figure it all out!  As the honest mom, I am going to reveal something that I wish I didn’t have to admit…but to make this life of owning a business, being a wife and a mom work,


There are some days I make a big breakfast for my girls and I don’t get a shower in until the night.
There are other days I work out in the morning and the girls get a bagel.
Still yet other days, I squeeze that work out in the morning and I feel guilty that the baby had to sit in a bouncer.
And yes, I drink coffee in the afternoon to stay energized moving from MOMpreneuer to mom and Mama Java gets my life!

There are 3 things that I AM NOT flexible on:
1. My marriage comes first every day.  With my first daughter I focused mainly on being mommy, and my marriage suffered.  Now as a mom of 3, I put my marriage first with regular date nights, quality focused time (might be just 10 minutes a day) and showing appreciation.  Married life has never been better.  Is it always easy? NO! But it is always worth it.

2.  Quality time at bedtime.  At the end of the day I am tired down to my bones, but I give every last ounce of energy to making sure each of my three girls gets books, cuddles, we play the gratitude game and enjoy prayer time together to end our day.

3.  I mediate to start my day.  Now DO NOT get me wrong.  I am awful at staying zen for a long time as I have a million things on the rain, BUT one of my amazing yoga girlfriend gurus encouraged me to get centered every day with a meditation book and just being still for a few minutes to start the day.  I have definitely without a doubt found that 5 minutes of just me time has made my life happier and more balanced.

You may see me some days with my work out clothes still on or doing my girls hair as we get out of the car at school or literally running with my baby in a stroller trying to make a meeting, but that is this MOMpreneurs life.  It’s a constant juggling act…but I have never been happier or more fulfilled!

I think the beauty of MOMpreneur life is that you learn to be extremely productive and focused because you have to!

Wishing all of the working moms, the stay at home moms, the work from home moms and all moms a great week!
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On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,
Michelle Founder/CEO


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