Life As A MOMpreneur Glimpse 4

Life As A MOMpreneur Glimpse 4

There is a tipping point to all businesses and getting there can be a long road.
As entrepreneurs we look to our mentors and see glamour, success, achievement, but we also know that it does not happen overnight.  It takes an immense amount of hard work!

What if you are putting in the tireless hours, the money, the collaboration, and it’s still not happening?
I have definitely been there! You are not alone.
There is one defining thing that helped me to overcome the feeling of desperately wanting the tipping point to happen.

“It is not about your resources, it is about your resourcefulness” ~ Tony Robbins

As a MOMpreneur I remember looking at the moms that hit social media before the FB and IG algorithms changed, now making it beyond expensive for small businesses to get exposure.  But I realized I had to improve my content game.  I couldn’t change the fact that I started my businesses later than my competitors, I just had to get smarter.

I have felt that if I partnered or took on an investor perhaps I could get the kind of venture capital that Sheila Marcelo raised for  I knew that I had to get more resourceful in my desire to stay a sole owner of my business, so I began strategic collaborations with like minded businesses that have a different mission than I do.  Most importantly as a MOM first, I have to always keep my eye on the sustainability of balancing motherhood, business and most importantly wife.  Nobody ever talks about that…good upcoming glimpse post right there:)

If you are frustrated, if you feel like you are stagnant, if you feel your wheels spinning, many times feeling like we are alone can push us into a deeper state of frustration.

Hear this MOMpreneur, as I am #TheHonestMom. You are not alone, but you have to take some time to remove yourself from working IN your business to better assess how you can GROW your business.  Shut down your laptop, step away from your office, go sit outside and brainstorm how you can be MORE resourceful.

And watch your business enjoy the tipping point!

Stay turned for next Mondays glimpse what I discuss if being a focused, loving mom, owning a business, a wife, being a fit mom and maintaining friendships can exist!

Cheers to the working moms, the stay at home moms, the work from home moms and all moms!We recognize how amazing you are! Connect with us at as we are on mission to Make Motherhood Easier!

Michelle Founder/CEO


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