Life As A MOMpreneur Glimpse 1

Life As A MOMpreneur Glimpse 1

My husband was reading a book called Living with A Seal by multimillionaire Jessi Itzler that was a hilarious and intense account of his 30 days training with a Navy Seal.

It dawned on me that as moms we have just as tough of days as this author proclaimed to have.  Dealing with cooking, cleaning, laundry, tantrums, working, shuttling kids, playdates, working, feeding babies, cleaning bottles, working out, being a wife/partner aka miraculously trying to stay sexy, and most importantly leading little humans to be incredible citizens that reach their potential! Although moms don’t get paid or get credit, I know without a doubt that being a mom with the emotional rollercoaster, the stamina, giving birth, nurturing, the non stop responsibility is the hardest job I have ever had.  I also realized when you add owning a business to those responsibilities it is something pretty paramount that is rarely talked about.

We all see those perfect Facebook photos when the MOMpreneurs are glitzed and glammed up, but what about the everyday?? Here at I am proud to be #TheHonestMom where I tell the truth and that is exactly what I am going to do starting today.

No Internet….More Family Time!

I returned from a week vacation in Colorado mountains where I did not have internet.   It was absolute torture for the first few days and then I said screw it and just decided to head to the rodeo, eat some elk jerky and enjoy the peace!

I got home, woke up at the crack of dawn ready to work hard to make up for the time I was forced offline, but I seriously needed coffee.  My right eye would not even open I was so tired!  I called our babysitter carefully counting out my budgeted dollars to cover the time I needed to solely focus on work.  Ouch.  This was not going to be cheap.  Headed off to my favorite work locale Starbucks where I got more work done in the 2.5 hours after school drop off then I did in an entire week when I worked in corporate America pre-kids!  Moms are a SERIOUS treasure in the work force as they GET S**T DONE! I know without a doubt I will grow with an amazing team of moms that want the flexibility to work from home on their own time!  You want to work at midnight? Cool with me!  You have a sick child? No problem…family first here at!

I make relentless to do lists to stay organized the night before so I can stay focused.  Today I recontacted companies I hadn’t heard back from regarding opportunities, only to be told they would contact me later.  It is like sitting on pins when you are a sole entrepreneur with bills due and employees waiting to be paid.  I have a call with a consultant that wants to charge me $500 for an hour of time.  In my love of entrepreneurship I would love nothing more that to engage in this hour, but then I think of the $500 I can spend on marketing and my shoulders sag knowing I need to make the responsible decision on what will further my bottom line.

There are no excuses as a MOMpreneur. I push on relentlessly knowing their are moms out there who want to get connected to the TOP resources to Make Motherhood Easier and I am on a mission to do just

My MOMpreneur Must Have Item

that!  My passion to help moms drives me and fuels my fire so nothing can stop the mission of

I gulp down my 2nd cup of coffee to make it to school pick up to be a happy, energetic mom and take some time to reflect…The true key I have found to not just surviving, but thriving as a MOMpreneur is that your purpose MUST be a driving force each and everyday or your fire will burn out.   Oh and guess what, good or bad day, I have 3 little ones ages 4, 2 and new looking up at me, not caring how my day went, only wanting to eat, be changed, looking to play something new every 15 minutes needing a bath, wanting to eat again, all needing bedtime stories, waters, bottles and oh, my husband walks in and we are off to work out……..when all I really want to do is soak in a BIG. HUGE. BUBBLE BATH.

Cheers to stay at home moms, work from home moms, working moms, all moms…I give you all a high five because this motherhood thing IS the hardest job in the world!

Check back daily if you are interested in more sneak peeks into a MOMpreneurs life with #TheHonestMom!


On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,

Michelle Founder/CEO

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