My Favorite Freezer Meals For Labor and Post Partum

My Favorite Freezer Meals For Labor and Post Partum

I am most definitely NOT a gourmet cook! Easy, Quick and Healthy are the keys to this moms cooking success.  I have very little patience for things like exact baking measurements and cooking that takes a lot of time.

HOWEVER, with a baby on the way in 2 weeks, I know I need to get some freezer meals made!
So, I called up my very own ‘Martha Stewart’, my friend Caron and asked her to come join me to help make cooking more fun.  We had a blast today and made some great food to provide excellent nourishment during labor and to rejuvenate me post partum!

On the menu we had the following delicious dishes, so make sure to check out our Pinterest Page for these delicious recipes as


Our day started by laying out all of the ingredients for each dish.

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First dish we made was from Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Penne Pasta.  The original recipe was from Delish, but we chose not to include mushrooms and we baked the dish and then froze it.  We had to use 18 cups of milk to make the sauce for a triple recipe of this pasta dish!!! Thank goodness my friend Caron had the patiences of a saint to wait for it to boil and meld together.



The upside to pregnancy insomnia is that I was up at 6am to put the chicken in the slow cooker with onion, broth, carrots, celery, salt, pepper and thyme.  I love homemade chicken noodle after giving birth. It is so comforting.



I know during labor it is vital to keep energy up to maintain the endurance giving birth requires.
I love homemade power bars as you can throw in whatever you have handy in the house.  Today I had raisins, dates, coconut, agave, pumpkin seeds and almonds.  AND DRUMROLL PLEASE…Pink Himalayan Sea Salt! YUM!


Finally we rounded out the day with Banana Walnut Muffins made with Whole Wheat Pasta.
Being the non nonsense cook I am I honestly combined the ingredients in my food processor and they turned out great!


I feel prepared and ready knowing my freezer is stocked with great food for labor and post partum comfort food!  Head on over to for the recipes!