Top 10 Kids Sleep Problem Solutions

Top 10 Kids Sleep Problem Solutions

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Life has been peaceful lately, two kids sleeping through the night, a new little baby kicking in my belly and getting to enjoy nice long nights with my hubby.   Then all of the sudden our oldest turns four and decides our house has monsters.

Believe me when I tell you our house is filled with tutus, tiaras, and barbie dolls- NOT monsters.  I am so tired of her waking up that I just want her to understand that she is FINE. Some moms who haven’t experienced this will brush these kids sleep problems off as being a ‘weak’ parent.  Others will suggest that our kids need to ‘grow up’.  But during those wee hours of the morning when she comes in, her big brown eyes wide, tears spilling over- I see her real fear.  It is like a knife twisting in this moms heart.

Here are the top 10 ways is trying to get the monsters out and get kids sleeping through the night again!

  • Talking, reasoning, explanations focusing on a safe, fun, loving home.
  • A gift grab bag as incentive the next morning if they stay in their bed.
  • Walking them back to their room over and over and over. And over. And over.
  • A comforting night light. I like this one that can double as an essential oils diffuser.  Make sure to ask our oils expert about this natural sleep aid!
  • Providing a sound machine to help kids sleep comfortably.
  • Monster Spray as a placebo effect to get the monsters out. Which can be a simple water bottle!
  • Using Dolls and Figures to allow creative expression of kids sleep fears and feelings.
  • Reward Chart for each night they stay in their room to the proper kids sleep they need!
  • Sleeping in their room on the floor, then transitioning to a chair, then outside the room as they begin to feel safe and comfortable again.


I hope that if you are experiencing problems with kids sleep that you don’t feel judged by other moms, you don’t feel alone!  Know that is right there with you.  Check out our new website where we are on a mission to Make Motherhood Easier!



  • Jennifer


    November 17, 2016

    Excellent suggestions! Sleep consultant approved!!

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