Is Sending My 21 Month Old To School The Right Decision?

My daughter who is almost 2 is going to school next week and I am jumping for joy!

The normal comments I get from moms around me include:School 2
“Aren’t you going to cry?”
“Oh my gosh…Are you doing ok with that decision?”

Their sad eyes and concerned tone make me chuckle as I am so excited for next week!

Here is why:

  1. I love to work. I love to help people through my business. I want to do more to expand my business!
  2. Right now I have naps and the hours between midnight and 2 am to work.
    Thus, I am beyond excited to have normal working hours again!
  3. I am not a teacher. I love to read and do activities, but I am in no way shape or form gifted with the knowledge or patience or desire to provide my daughter with a wide array of cognitive activities.
  4. She is at an age now where she is constantly learning and taking the world in. I am so excited for her to go to a school that will continue to help her grow in her knowledge in conjunction with our working with her at home.
  5. I have loved being home with her and I appreciate that time together and now in my heart I know it is time to let her fly!

It has been an interesting journey, as I feel judged by other moms when I say I am putting her in school full time. Thankfully I have amazing girlfriends that have all chosen different paths regarding school, homeschool and daycare to give me perspective. And the truth is, all of our babies are happy, growing and learning!

Here is the bottom line:
Life is too short to spend judging other moms or getting judged regarding our choices in how our children learn. Every family is different, every child is unique and it is an individual choice of what you think is best for your child!