Is Motherhood Making Me Crazy?

Is Motherhood Making Me Crazy?

I was watching my daily 5 minute dose of Bravo TV and the Shahs of Sunset was showing a newlywed couple in therapy. They were discussing how different their desired picture perfect life was from the reality of what was REALLY happening.
Most moms I know love to portray perfection. Perfect house, perfect kids, perfect life.

i believe however, perfection in motherhood is the enemy of enjoying it.Truthfully, the more ‘perfect’ I try to be the more I see the things that really matter slip out of reach.  I have learned the best thing is to become the best version OF YOURSELF. How do you do this though?

The life we imagined of being a great mom, being a pretty, healthy, happy wife, keeping a clean house and working to fulfill our own dreams and purpose is much, much harder than I thought it would be.  Then throw in a couple of tired, teething, screaming, potty training kids to the mix and that is when moms like me wonder “Am I doing this motherhood thing right? Is it supposed to be this tiring, frustrating and crazy at times? Does every other mom have it all together?”

Sofia Robirosa, Infinite Therapeutic Services
Sofia Robirosa, Infinite Therapeutic Services

Yet, as hard as it is, we often wait until it our life becomes unbalanced, unhappy and crumbling around us to seek out therapy.  Life coaches, Mom coaches, Family Therapy are all one of the BEST resources moms can turn to for support.

Benefits of Getting Professional Mom Coaching and Support
*Objective (Instead of from biased friends/family)
*Provide Tools For You To Use to “Handle It All”
*Supportive and Caring
*Help Moms Find Happiness and FULFILLMENT
*Advocates For Moms To Sort Out Feelings and Emotions

Mom Coaches and Family Therapists GET LIFE AS A MOM, they are specifically educated and LOVE to HELP MOMS!  Don’t wait until the life you dreamed of is slipping away.  These therapists provide moms with ONLINE THERAPY, MOM GROUPS, MARRIAGE THERAPY and much more!

Dr. Lauren Goldstein, in addition to all of her amazing services for moms has a special focus on helping families with special needs children as well as specific testing and strategies for kids that are gifted.

Live the life you always dreamed of.  You don’t have to suffer silently. Click here to find your MOM COACH! 

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