Is It Possible To Balance Motherhood and Owning A Business

Is It Possible To Balance Motherhood and Owning A Business


Rachel Feldman
Rachel Feldman is skyrocketing to the next level and  although I have AMAZING resources surrounding me, I really was in need of a fellow mom and business owner who has authored books, speaks at large scale events, has multiple kids and balances a husband and household.  Basically, I needed someone who gets my BIG VISION for business, as well as my desire to be the BEST mom and wife I can.

Who can mompreneurs like myself turn to when they need someone to bounce ideas off of?
Who can business owners seek out that is a fellow parent and truly understands the tug of war between business and personal life?
Is there someone out there dedicated to seeing my dreams to help others come true?

YES.  This is a woman that has dedicated her life to helping people become the best versions of themselves.  Here is what I love about working with Rachel Feldman:

  1.  Accountability
  2. Phone, Email, Skype, Text Access
  3. Affordable, No Long Contracts
  4. She Has Walked The Walk And Talked The Talk
  5. Her Connections And Resources Are Stellar

She has AMAZING books and webinars so make SURE to sign up here to learn more about how she went from flat broke to building a thriving business.  She is an provider YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW!