Is It A Big Change Going From One Child to Two

Is It A Big Change Going From One Child to Two

My husband and I were sitting at dinner last night celebrating that both of our girls were asleep and that we got to enjoy time together. We smiled at one another like we were on our first date.

 Then chaos began that completely blindsided us.

My toddler crying through her teething pain was so sad to see!
My toddler crying through her teething pain was so sad to see!

My toddler woke up screaming in pain at her molars coming through. I ran into her room to see her kneeling in her bed, her eyes wide with pain, fever raging and her fingers in her mouth trying to relieve her gums.   It is like a knife twisting in a mother’s heart to see her baby in pain. Teething sucks! And molars are the worst! I have never felt so helpless. I ran back out to the kitchen to get ice water, frozen teething rings and teething tablets. For all of my effort, she didn’t want anything but my arms to comfort her pain.

With her cries ricocheting off the walls, my breastmilk came rushing in and then my newborn started crying! Feeding time. I ran back to the kitchen to tag team my husband to take our toddler so I could feed our baby. th-6
As I nursed I looked longingly at the tasty dinner that I had prepared now going cold. It was taunting me like rain in a desert.

I get asked all of the time if having two kids is harder than one. Last night is a perfect example of what makes it harder…your attention is divided between two kids instead of one. My brain definitely was comfortable focusing on one child. Now I often feel like my brain is continuously swinging from wife to toddler mom to newborn mom to business owner.


One thing I can answer for sure however is that I would not change the growing love in our house, the gift of seeing our daughters interacting and knowing that those cries from last night will be replaced with laughter soon enough.

Am I tired? Yup. Am I learning slowly to balance carrying a newborn and chasing after a toddler. Yes indeed. Are there days when I wonder if my husband and I will ever get time together again when I am not in glasses and a nursing tank? Totally!

The good news about being a second time mom is that you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It may seem tiring now, but I know that I will get sleep one day, I know that the baby will wean when the time is right and I know that there is nothing better than watching our kids grown and develop! CB Family

Ready? Set? Go!  
What are your tried and true tips for keeping life positive and in balance as you add children to your household?