Is Breastfeeding Easy?

Is Breastfeeding Easy

Did you assume that breastfeeding would just come naturally like I did? I envisioned my baby nursing peacefully and easily while I went about life as usual. It never crossed my mind that nursing would be challenging, but boy was I in for a rude awakening!

A few hours after giving birth, I snuggled Anjali onto my chest and watched in wonder as her tiny, beautiful mouth headed toward my nipple. Then, it happened. My post birth endorphin rush waned as her little gums latched onto me. I thought my nipple was going to get bitten off. Tears streamed down my face and I begged my husband to help me get
her off of me somehow.

We called for my midwife who came jogging in from the other room to patiently help me. I felt like I needed four arms to juggle the Boppy, get in the right position and hold Anjali at the same time. I cringed as my midwife guided Anjali toward me again. I expected excruciating pain and then I let out a slow breath as she latched correctly.

For the first week it seemed as if my entire day consisted of hour long nursing sessions, changing her diapers, putting her down in her bassinet, chugging a bunch of water, peeing and then start all over again.

There were times I sat with tears streaming down my face asking my husband over and over if breastfeeding was going to work. As my milk came in, I had extremely painful clogged ducts that felt like a fire burning in my upper chest and the only thing that would relieve was nursing constantly. Then one day, I walked out of the house to get the mail and forgot to re attach my nursing tank strap, exposing my breast to the entire neighborhood. I ran back into the house cracking up laughing at myself. My giggling unleashed the pent up pressure I had been feeling about my rocky start to breastfeeding.

Is breastfeeding easy?

In the beginning for me it was not. I am forever grateful to my very patient husband, my lactation consultant, fellow chiropractic wives, breastfeeding support groups and my friend Deanna B. No two women’s breasts are the same, no two babies mouths are the same, so it is vital that each new mom gets the support they need to nourish their baby. And most importantly breastfeeding provides OPTIMAL nutrition and FREE food for our babies! Without support I definitely would not have succeeded in breastfeeding, but everyday as I hold my sweet Anjali I am so very happy I persevered.

Ready? Set? Go!

Who was your most supportive breastfeeding advocate? Was it a group, a parent, a friend, a lactation consultant, a midwife, a doula or an author of a book? Leave your comments below!