Is a pain-free birth possible?

Is a pain-free birth possible?

For me, it was thanks to HypnoBirth.
I only wish someone had told me about it for my first birth, but thank goodness for the second and third births I did HypnoBirth classes!

At our mission is to educate and empower women to make an informed decision for their families. So we decided to go straight to Amazing Births and Beyond owner Dr. Vivian Keeler to find out exactly how HypnoBirth works!

What is HypnoBirth?

It is a childbirth education method to work with your body during labor. It entails deep relaxation, positive mindset, and affirmations. How does the science of HypnoBirth work? It’s all about the uterus birthing muscles working smoothly and harmoniously. Normal birth is beautiful and empowering. How does hypnobirthing help husbands? It enables couples to surround themselves with love and not fear. The emotional connection creates and empowering experience.

Can I guarantee that HypnoBirth will lead to a pain-free birth for you? I can only tell you that for myself in HypnoBirth classes in combination with chiropractic care, working out, eating nutritious meals and having an experienced birth team I had two pain-free, easy births!

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