If Your Child Was Choking Could You Save Their Life?

If Your Child Was Choking Could You Save Their Life?

Has your child ever choked?
Mine has.  It was the scariest moment of my life.  My 2 year old was playing at the kitchen table next to me.  I turned to clean up a toy and turned around and saw that she was not breathing. 
Did you also know that finger sweeping can lodge items further in the throat?  

So back to my original question.  Could you save your child’s life if they were choking?

I am proud to say that thanks to LifeVac I feel confident that my family and I are prepared.  After my daughter choked, I went on a mission to find a method to better assist my kids.  I took CPR, but it is more difficult that I thought especially in an emergency situation.  I know how to do back blows, but that can be difficult on small bodies.  Then I found LifeVac thanks to an amazing fellow mom.  

I have LifeVac ready to go in my kitchen at all times.  I leave the pediatric mouth piece connected and simply place mask over my child’s nose and mouth depress the handle and pull upwards to dislodge the debris.  It is light weight, easy to use, and does not take up space! They have 3 different sizes of LifeVac masks to fit all ages.  

I feel so strongly about all households having access to this choking prevention device that LifeVac is giving our moms a DISCOUNT with code ‘ihelpmoms’!



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