I Want To Stop Arguing But I Don't Know How

I Want To Stop Arguing But I Don’t Know How

brow3My husband and I were talking the other day and we have been married almost 10 years! We could hardly believe it.  Hands down to be perfectly honest having kids has been one the hardest things our marriage has ever faced.  Many moms never talk about it, but of course here at ihelpmoms.com we tell the truth.  Thankfully through our church and great life coaching, we were taught the communication tools we use regularly to discuss our needs and wants as spouses, parents, and best friends.  Is it easy? NO. The most important thing we ever did was to recognize we needed to learn to communicate better.  Check out this article by ihelpmoms.com provider Sofia Robirosa of Infinite Therapeutic Services and family communication coach!  We are here to help moms and parents to not just survive motherhood but THRIVE.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________Couples usually experience 6 years of unhappiness before they seek counseling, according to famous researcher Dr. John Gottman.

Isn’t it? Is this you? Have you been unhappy for approximately 6 years? And let’s put this in perspective, this is an average, it can be longer or less, but still, months or years of unhappiness is a really, really, really long time.

If this were a physical symptom, most of us would go see the doctor in days. So why does it have to be any different with your relationship?

The interesting part of this is that there is an actual health impact of being in a relationship with regular conflict. Relationship conflict is linked to anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, fatigue, lack of concentration, and even increased sickness.

And, even though in some situations break up is the right decision, it does not mean that happiness is guaranteed by being single or finding a new significant other. I’ll tell you why:
Research shows that living alone for most of life is linked to depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, fatigue, lack of concentration, and even increased sickness (sounds familiar? same symptoms as for individuals in relationships with lots of arguing), and it may even shorten your life (Yikes!)
If you date a new person, chances are that you will find yourself arguing in this new relationship as well at some point.
So why not learn how to decrease arguments, fight fair and how to make up now?

You might be wondering how you would know if you have waiting long enough for a change in your relationship:

  • You have the same fight over and over. There is this one hot topic that you always fight about.
  • You have a massive fight, then things are great for some time, and then a huge fight happens again. Each time, the fight is more and more exhausting
  • You feel that you argue about everything…. really everything
  • You barely talk to your significant other, to avoid arguing
  • So whether you have been unhappy for months, or years–one year, or 10 years+, you deserve a chance at being happy again.
  • Coming home to a miserable experience, or simply not knowing if it will be a good day together because it has gotten that unpredictable doesn’t have to be the norm anymore.You and your loved one deserve a chance at experiencing
    harmony at home once and for all.

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