I Saved My Daughters Life Last Night

I Saved My Daughters Life Last Night

Are you judging me right now?  I would judge me too, as I never thought choking would happen in my house.  At ihelpmoms.com we talk about the things no one else will.

Anjali My GymLast night I was making dinner and getting my 7 month old a bottle.  My two year old was 4 feet away from me making a sticker collage to give to her daddy when she got home.  Anyone who knows us knows my daughter listens, she has never run away from me and she is not a rambunctious soul.  So I naively thought she would know better than to eat a sticker. WRONG! #momfail

All of the sudden I realize my toddler isn’t making any noise.  I turn around and her eyes are wide with terror.
I see a sticker in her hand and I know she is choking on another one.

Thank goodness I had taken CPR training previously and I got retrained when she was born.
I could hear the instructors voice in my head coaching me with what to do.  I knew NOT to try to grab the object.  I firmly gave her back blows between her shoulder blades with the heel of my hand.  When I finally heard her gagging I continued to encourage her to cough and gag it out.
I have never in my life been so happy to see someone throw up.
Edna and MichelleI was thankful to have my ihelpmoms.com pediatrician Dr. Edna Tello who is always reachable for her clients via cell phone to talk to following the incident.  Dr. Tello said it is the second call in a WEEK she had gotten regarding a child choking on a sticker!

After holding my daughter close and praying to God for looking over us, I gave extreme thanks that I had been trained in CPR.  And probably happier that I had been retrained again so choking protocol was fresh in my brain.  So many moms said to me following thank goodness for your ‘motherly intuition’.  HUH?  Trust me when I tell you it was not intuition for me when it came to choking.  It was proper training and education on CPR and choking protocols.  I have both of my beloved daughters today because I knew what to do when it mattered to stop Anjali from choking.

ihelpmoms.com is on a mission to educate and empower moms.  My own scare last night reminded me how proud I am to share our incredible network of family providers with

thihelpmoms.com and Dr. Edna Tello of Personalized Pediatrics will be hosting a FREE CRP training with a certified instructor, so make sure you register for a FREE ihelpmoms.com account to save $250 on getting CPR trained!  If you already have an account great- Details will be send out soon!

If you are a business owner I highly recommend calling Ron to get your staff trained ASAP.  It is a matter of life or death. 

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