I Failed This Time, But I Will Get Breastfeeding Right Next Time!

I Failed This Time, But I Will Get Breastfeeding Right Next Time!

Well, I have had two kiddos and I keep learning new ways to be a better mom every time!
The first time I did not have a high quality lactation consultant so my daughters tongue tie was not diagnosed and we struggled BIG time.  The second time I had amazing ihelpmoms.com lactation consultants, but I did not get my supply up enough, so again we struggled.  GRRRR!
When we go for baby number 3 I know to utilize:

Thanks to Lens with Love for Capturing This Special Moment
Thanks to Lens with Love for Capturing This Special Moment

1.  Our ihelpmoms.com lactation consultants immediately after birth to check for tongue and lip ties
2.  I know excellent ihelpmoms.com pediatric dentists to help guide me if there is a tongue and lip tie and to get it taken care of immediately
3.  I will connect with Natalie, founder of HeWeLoHa‘s Breastfeeding Program to get my next baby the best nutrients possible!

Here Natalie discusses how she helps moms to increase milk production as well as aid in losing that baby fat the healthful and organic way!

Meet Natalie, founder of HeWeLoHa, (Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness) who gives fellow moms insight on why infant nutrition is critical for ensuring proper development, maximizing learning capacities and preventing illness!

Source is Grip Tight
Source is Grip Tight

There will be no other time in your baby’s life that nutrition is as important as it is during infancy. Healthy breast milk is perfectly designed for a baby’s physical and mental development, but ONLY when mommy supplies her body with the right nutrients.

The typical modern diet is overloaded with processed foods that are filled with artificial colors, flavors, additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotic injected animal products and commercial fats and oils. Not only do these foods harm you and your baby but they also do not nourish and build your baby’s health. The proper nutrients are necessary to produce healthy breast milk that will provide all the nourishment a growing baby needs.

By fueling your body with organic whole-foods and the proper scientific protocol to reset your body at the metabolic and cellular level, you will find that your body will drop fat, build lean muscle, gain energy and start your baby’s life out the healthy way. photo 3Resetting your body will also greatly improve the quality of your sleep during the hours you are able to rest, which will help you feel more energetic while you are awake.
This HeWeLoHa Mommy Makeover will empower you with the nutritional knowledge and support system to make a complete body and lifestyle transformation.

Natalie Sager | 561.600.7569