I am so tired I…..(You won't believe this!)

I am so tired I…..(You won’t believe this!)

sleep pleaseWhat happens when you combine a very tired mama with a teething toddler?

Most moms have a very interesting answer to this question. To be honest since Anjali turned 14 month she started sleeping through the night and I have been enjoying getting rest again….until last night.

Anjali is cutting four teeth, made obvious by her drooling, slight fever and general discomfort. I gave her a packet of Happy Family food. I sang to her. I tried to rock her. She was just plain miserable with those pearly whites cutting through.

Being pregnant it is getting harder and harder for me to bend over the crib to comfort her so in the dark I decided to rub her back with the top of the packet of food. Her cries finally diminished and I snuck back to my room.

Her cries started back up again and I decided as a last straw to pick her up to bring her into our bed. As I picked her up I felt something wet covering her back. I gave her to my husband to undress and I ran into to see if she threw up in her crib, but it was clean. Perplexed I went back in and my husband handed me her dirty pajamas which I examined.

Ends up I was so tired I was rubbing the contents of Happy Family food packet all over her back because I forgot to put the lid on!
My poor girl was like a hot dog in her crib while this tired mom accidently covered her in condiments!  Making lemonade out of lemons though, I am happy she didn’t throw up but I still felt so bad!

Ready? Set? Go!
Have you done something funny or surprising in your moments as a tired mom?
Please tell me I am not the only one!:)

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