I am not JUST a mom

Moms Doing Good TogetherI was talking with a mom friend yesterday about how I am nervous to raise my kids in todays era of mean bullying, high mind altering drug use, school shootings etc.  I was thinking about how different it was when I grew up, where neighbors, churches, and friends took care of one another.

It dawned on me that instead of being scared for my girls, I need to do something to change it.

One thing I know for sure is that if a mom is happier, she is more likely to be a good role model for her kids, she is going be a better partner to her significant other, her home will be filled with more love, her kids will be raised in a healthier environment, and the family unit as a whole will be able to contribute to a more positive community.

th-32You are not JUST a mom.  We have the most important job in the world.  Doesn’t matter if you stay at home, work from home, or work outside the home.  We have the most important job in the world to love and nurture our kids.  Together we as moms we can literally change the world.

What if you could help the mom that is in tears at night because she feels overwhelmed trying teach her kids to behave?

What if you could help the mommy tired and frustrated who wants to breastfeed successfully?

What if you could help a family find the right preschool for THEIR child to grow and blossom?

What if you could stop a child from drowning because you introduced them to a great swim instructor?

What if you could help a mommy shed unwanted baby weight to become her happiest self?

Mom Ambassador Business Card FontNow you can…AND ihelpmoms.com IS GOING TO PAY YOU TO HELP OTHER MOMS!
Moms everywhere are joining together to bring back FRIENDLINESS.
We are going to STOP judging and start caring for one another.

When you refer your Pediatrician, OB/GYN, Pediatric Dentist, Preschool, Kids Activity Center, Swim Instructor, Dog Groomer, Dance Studio, Gymnastics Studio, Karate Studio etc…to join ihelpmoms.com network of MOM APPROVED providers and they use your email as the referral source YOU WILL GET PAID!*

By encouraging your family professionals to ihelpmoms.com you are helping moms EVERYWHERE to find trusted resources that will help to create:

Happy Moms, Healthy Kids, Better Homes, Safer Communities and a POSITIVE WORLD!

th-7Don’t wait to start helping moms.  They need you!  ihelpmoms.com is here to connect moms to Make Motherhood Easier.

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