Husband’s Away, Bachelorette Baby Weekend Time!

Bachelorette Baby Weekend

As my husband flew to Minnesota for work, I reveled in my plan to live like a complete bachelorette. I felt so liberated not having to try to juggle cooking, laundry, cleaning, nursing and fitting in bath time, all around my husband’s work schedule. Selfish? Maybe. Honest? Yes!

Relaxation Time…

For dinner that night I put spinach, cucumber, protein powder and pineapple in my Vitamix and drank it down in five minutes, so I could get on with my to do list. I gave Anjali a bath early and put her down for the night. I stretched out on the couch to watch a ‘Friends’ marathon with a box of chocolate chip cookies. Pure bliss. I laughed my way through episode after episode of my favorite show and then headed to my big bed that was beckoning my tired body. It was the first time in four months I remember feeling relaxed and it felt good.

Or, Maybe Not..

At 1:00 am I heard the beginning whines and rustles coming from her room. I rolled over into my mound of pillows praying she was just tossing and turning. Soon after, her shrill cry sounded more urgently. I crossed over the king bed to push my husband out of bed to go get her and all I felt was the cool flat sheet. I shook myself out of my sleepy stupor and remembered he was in Minnesota. Dang.

I pushed myself out of bed and shuffled to her crib. I lifted Anjali out of her crib and slumped into the rocker settling into nurse. Anjali liked to savor breastfeeding like I used to savor a nice Pinot Noir from Oregon in my pre-baby days. When she was done I lifted her back to her crib and snuggled back into my warm covers.

Anjali’s cry resounded into my room again. I once again rolled over into my pillow praying to please, please let her go back to sleep on her own. Her cries continued and I turned on the baby monitor to see her thrashing around in her crib. This was not the rejuvenating bachelorette weekend of sleep I envisioned.

Six o’clock in the morning she woke yet again. I turned on the monitor again to see if there was any chance of her getting herself back to sleep and she tossed restlessly from side to side. It was as if she could sense her mom and dad were apart and she felt lonely.

As the sun rose, her sweet scent filled my surroundings and her soft hand caressed my throat as she nursed. It may not have been the bachelorette weekend I had anticipated filled with sleep and laziness, but there wasn’t anywhere else I would rather be than right where I was rocking with my little love.

Ready? Set? Go!

I would love to hear what you do when you get some ‘you’ time! Do you have a favorite TV show you love to watch or a favorite spa treatment or a favorite book? Share your comments below.