How We Found The Ultimate Relaxation While Adding A New Baby To Our House

Everyone says when you add a baby to your house that it is filled with more joy.
Yes, that is definitely true.

Even super dads need TLC
Even super dads need TLC

In our household it is also true that adding another baby along with our two year old has my husband and I juggling the needs of each of the kids…often leaving our needs by the wayside and our stress a lot higher!  I know with our growing family, my husband is working extra hard to provide for another mouth to feed and I decided that it was the perfect time to show him my appreciation.


I knew just who to call- Alisha.   My husband is a chiropractor who is obsessed with body balance, the structure of the spine and healthy and fitness.  I knew I needed to get a true expert who had an advanced knowledge of the spine and body.  There is no way he would let just any one give him a massage.  Alisha is a true expert massage therapist and healer.

Alisha surpassed our very high expectations and BEST OF ALL SHE COMES TO YOUR HOUSE for the ultimate massage convenience!  This is the feedback my husband gave on Alisha’s expertise: th-5

1.  She has a talent for reading the body to know exactly what your body requires to relax and rejuvenate.
2.  It is unlike any other massage.  It is very relaxing and not painful at all.
3.  She incorporated essential oils which further increased the effectiveness of the experience.
4.  Alisha has an excellent understanding of the body, muscle tissue and how to best get muscles to relax.

Do yourself a favor and Contact Alisha today to book your massage.  She has specific massage therapy for prenatal and post partum moms which we can all benefit from.  Make sure to reference for VIP treatment!
Contact to book your massage in the comfort of your home: 619-723-1759