How To Keep Your Relationship Hot When You Have Kids!

How To Keep Your Relationship Hot When You Have Kids!

If you are wondering how to keep romance alive with your significant other while having children, you are not alone!  When my daughter was born, Valentine’s was just 8 weeks after her birth. I had about 3 hours of sleep every night for two months, and could barely sleep during the day. When V-day came around, I remember thinking: “Well, if we do something super early, like 5pm, I might not pass out during dinner.”LOve1


When a little one is added to our lives, much of attention and energy goes into caring for your child. How do you make time for dates and everything else? How do you get the energy to connect with your partner?

Don’t panic! Small adjustments can make a significant change in maintaining intimacy alive with your significant other.

The obvious one:
1.  Carve some time to go out on a date.  Recruit your family, your partner’s family, and people you trust to watch your little ones to go out. Partnering with other couples might be the trick. You can watch their kids one night, and they watch your children another evening.
Dates at Home: Limited finances or no one to trust your children to? No 2
How about having a romantic date at home once the children go to sleep? Cook together, watch a movie together, play a game (PG13 or not, wink, wink). This is a solution when outside dates are not possible, and also an option to supplement going out.

2.  Flirt as much as possible!
Text messaging throughout the day is a way to remain connected. Some couples exchange text messages indicating times that they will commit to one another.
Emailing is great option too. What these forms of flirting do is keep the thought of spending quality time together in the air and then it is easier to connect in person despite of being tired. When you are at home, regular touch by hugging, caressing, and kissing will increase the feeling of closeness. Thanking your partner for their help and complimenting each other is good


Valentine’s Day is a reminder that our romantic relationships need to be celebrated!
In order to maintain romance and intimacy, we need to make sure that time is dedicated to the relationship. When children are introduced to the mix, time and energy are used differently. Do something special on V-Day, and with these tips, every day can feel a little bit like romance is in the air. Your significant other will appreciate it, and so will your children.


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