How To Help Your Kids To Be Successful and Smart

How To Help Your Kids To Be Successful and Smart

Growing up we read a multitude of books throughout our school lives.he-happy-mom-book
When we get married we pour over wedding magazines and blogs to learn about the best weddings.
When we are pregnant we read every what to expect baby book out there.

THEN THE BABY COMES!  You are so tired, so excited, to exhausted, wondering why the baby is crying, wondering if you will ever stop changing diapers, washing bottles or breastfeeding, toddler tantrums and then add in other kids to the mix that you are running after….and parents often ask, where is the thbook on HOW TO ACTUALLY PARENT OUR KIDS?

There is all sorts of judgment and focus on new baby topics:
Pacifier or no pacifier
Co sleeping or in the crib
Breastfeeding or Bottle feeding
Placenta Pills or no placenta pills
Nap schedule or no nap schedule
Day care or nanny, working mom or stay at home mom

But parenting truly is a continual learning process FAR beyond the above listed factors!  The truth is we can all use help, experts and insight to raise smart kids and is here for YOU!

I found this article absolutely fascinating:THE SECRET TO RAISING SMART KIDS by Carol S. Dweck in Scientific American Mind.  Find out why parents should focus on process not on intelligence or innate ability…This may be the key to success in school and in life. READ ARTICLE HERE

Too many moms are stressed and struggling to survive motherhood.  Connect to our child and parent coaches to help YOUR KIDS succeed.

I also LOVE this mom on a mission that is helping families with easy strategies to encourage their kids to love learning and to make homework easier—–>>>>True Learning Academy is here to help moms Make Motherhood Easier!