How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

I received a piece of advice when I was pregnant with my first and like all moms, we are better parents before we had kids and I didn’t listen! LOL  However, the piece of advice was the sleep for the house was the most important thing. Now, 3 kids later I 100% understand this! So, I wanted to make SURE to bring our mom fans a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Melissa Brown of Sleep Shop Consulting to help answer our questions about sleep regression, breast or bottle, sound machines and what is ‘normal’ and what method is best to help our house get sleep!

You can see our video HERE or enjoy Sleep Shop Consulting Owners Words of Wisdom Below!

1.  You are a mom of 4! Impart some wisdom on us! What would be your biggest piece of advice for moms as they embark into bringing a new baby into the house? 

First of all DO WHAT WORKS for you. I feel like when we are trying to do what we are told, or our friends did, or what family recommends but we don’t really believe in it we won’t follow through. With that said- whatever it is we do decide to do just be consistent and start as you want to move forward. For example if you can establish nap and night time routines make sure they are sustainable. Something you or your partner can do every time before bed so your baby knows what to expect. The more consistent you are the better!

2.  Is sleep regression is this real or a myth? How often do they happen and how do they work through them?

Yes they are real and they happen often! I would say the major ones are around ⅘ months, 8 months, 10 months, 12 months and 18 months! Again I would recommend you be consistent. If you your baby already knows independent sleep these regressions will not be regressions just interruptions and the more you stay on track the faster your baby will get back on track and back to sleeping like they use to!

3.  Do breastfed babies or bottle fed babies sleep better in your experience?

I see it both and honestly it doesn’t matter if it breast milk from the bottle or breast milk from the breast or formula. A baby just has to be eating enough to be able to sleep all night long. You see how much they get from a bottle so that of course helps but if they are eating the same amount of oz it doesn’t matter!

4.  Music or no music/sound machine?

Sound machine for sure!! And make sure it is on White Noise or Rain 🙂

5.  What are the brain boosting benefits of kids getting great sleep?

Sleep is so important not only for physical growth but brain growth as well. Babies literally GROW in their sleep so the first year they can over triple in size so they need a lot of sleep. Also they have so many regressions because it means their brain is growing and learning new things! Being overstimulated or overtired as they master new skills can be hard on their little bodies so you want to give them all the rest they need!

6.  What is the BEST method to get their baby to sleep?  Is it cry it out, cuddling, breastfeeding, where can they connect with you at?

I think the best method is always the method that works best with each individual family. Everyone is different and everyone parents differently and I work with families individually so that they can do not only what is best for them and their baby but what feels most natural for them! I am there to not only guide them but support them through that process.

Make sure if you have specific questions that you contact Melissa at Sleep Shop Consulting

Melissa Brown is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Family Care Counselor with a Master’s in Pastoral Care and Counseling. She is passionate about moms and dads finding their rhythm through this whole parenting thing that is unique to them and their families. She has helped thousands of families get their little ones sleeping through the night and on a sustainable routine. Prior to starting SleepShop Melissa worked as a Chaplain and specialized in grief and bereavement care. She lives in Southern California with her husband Eric and their 4 kids (including a set of twins) and throughly enjoys her well earned glass (or 5) of wine at night.  You can follow her @sleepshopconsulting and listen to her SleepShop Podcast on iTunes/Google Play.

Melissa Brown

Certified Sleep Consultant

Family Care Counselor

M.A. Pastoral Care and Counseling



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