How to Handle the Anxious Mother

How to Handle the Anxious Mother

Bachelorette Baby WeekendDo you know that my mom was so over protective that she once told my high school boyfriend not to run green lights?! You are thinking what the heck right?  Me too!  How mortifying to have such an anxious mom!  I vowed right then that when I became a mom not to be overly cautious and anxious about the ‘what ifs’.

Then I had my beautiful baby girls who I treasure more than anything in the world….and let me tell you my anxiety went through the roof wanting to protect them.  WAIT! I realized I had turned into the Anxious Mother!  SO I decided to go to our experts for some insight on how I can breathe, relax and enjoy motherhood.  

Meet Sofia, fellow mom and Owner of Infinite Therapeutic Services: 
When I had my daughter, the simplest task of going to the store to get groceries became a complete new experience…. and many times, A STRESSFUL ONE!

My daughter would cry her eyes out when riding in the car. I decided that if I had to go more than 10 minutes away, I would not go alone. Forget about going on planes, the very thought made me anxious. Every new outing had me playing many ‘what ifs’ trying to be prepared for every

‘What ifs’ CAN be very useful question to help us moms be prepared for many situations.
*Preparing the diaper bag to make sure that it has every item: diapers, lotions, wipes, change of clothes, toys, snacks, and the list can go on.
*Calculating outing around the best time for your child such avoiding leaving the house when nap time is needed.
*Taking infant medication, a first aid kit, and even an extra pacifier in case the one is lost.

How many ‘What ifs’ are enough?
In order to avoid carrying your whole house with you in your trunk, spending hours getting ready to go, or even feeling trapped in your house, flexibility comes in to play.

Be patient with yourself: Positive self talk can help. Telling yourself: “It’s going to be okay” or “I am doing the best I can” can do wonders. Breathing is also a good way to relieve stress.CB Mommy and Jas

A little planning, but avoid getting carried away. Ask family and friends for recommendations, or read online for tips and check out Blog on Traveling with little ones.

Lowering your expectations If you can’t get everything done that you hoped for in your outing to complete chores, it’s okay to either postpone it for another day or ask someone else to take care of it. This might also mean giving yourself more time to get ready to leave your house.

Avoid thinking you have it all figured out. Infants change on a daily basis and as such, their behavior and schedules change frequently. If you remain open to change, it is easier to accept when a change occurs.

Flexibility is key as a new parent. And don’t forget, you are also going through a learning curve. No one activity that you do as a mom is the same now that you have a little one. Yes, there will be more ‘What ifs’ and the more frequent change, but rumor has it that spontaneity is the key of life. So go ahead, embrace it!

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