How To Find More Time In Your Day

How To Find More Time In Your Day

If you are like me, life is insanely busy.
Kids activities, working, cleaning, cooking, working out, laundry, the list is literally non stop.
I look at all the moms around me and see those that seem to have it all together and I wonder where do they find the time?
One thing I know for sure is that success leaves clues…So how are these moms miraculously finding more time in their day than me?

THEY ARE ORGANIZED! went on a quest to find 5 easy ways to get organized so we too could get back some extra hours in the day! When you are organized, you won’t be shuffling through papers wasting time, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to ‘hide’ toys and you find yourself less stressed!


Tip #1: Each week set your focus on a certain room of the house.  By focusing on one area you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Tip #2: Purge!  Get rid of expired products in the kitchen and bathrooms

Tip #3: If you haven’t used something (for example a kids toy or unworn clothes) in the past six months, put it in a box and be okay with donating it.  Know that the energy of passing it on will be a good thing in the big picture of life!

Tip # 4: Finding a place for everything to be put away will make it easy for your kids to also know where things belong.  A mom friend of mine once said that we often get frustrated at our kids for not cleaning up, but we technically haven’t really taken the time to show our kids where and how things can be properly put away! (lightbulb!)

Tip #5: We all have bills, schedules, keys, phones and stuff to put away.  Create a Mom Central Area for calendars, notices, etc to be organized in folders or holders.  And most of all throw away the things you do not really need immediately.  Only keep the essentials!

Too busy to organize yourself? I am too! I get it!
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