How Motherhood Made Me Nicer

How Motherhood Made Me Nicer

If you don’t have kids yet, you might wonder what the heck happened to that fun drinking buddy you used to have that called to chat everyday? If you do have kids, you might be wondering why your friends without kids don’t just offer to come over to watch the baby for half hour so you can shower or put a load of laundry in!? These are thoughts that I definitely had before I had kids and now after having a baby.

I realized today that motherhood has given me a better perspective to understand women and has made me a more compassionate person.

  1. When I see a pregnant woman waiting in line for the bathroom I ALWAYS let her go first! Now pregnant with our second baby, I can honestly tell you my bladder will not wait in line!
  1. IMG_1712If I see a mom struggling to carry something while rounding up kids or strollers I offer to help.  If they have a tired or cranky baby I also offer to let them go in front of me in line at the cashier. In today’s often self-absorbed world we forget how far a smile and a helping hand can go. Even if the ‘super mom’ declines the help feel good knowing you tried. She’ll remember the nice person that offered assistance!
  1. On planes now I always make a point to tell parents how well their kids did. It is like a stack of weights come off your shoulders when you know people understand how tiring traveling with kids can be.
  1. Whenever I see a pregnant woman I compliment them on their shirt, their shoes, their hair or something! Society seems to have forgotten the sacrifice that women make for 9 months to carry another human being. That is 9 months for me without Starbucks! Just sayin!
  1. When my friends with kids would go MIA for six months my feelings always got hurt because I missed them and I felt out of the ‘mom’ club. Now as a mom I get that it is important to put the focus on the new mom, to make her feel special during pregnancy, to always ask about her kids and to just be there when they do feel like connecting. I remember a friend in California sent me a care package with Sofie the giraffe, a water bottle and a pregnancy book and I felt so special! Now I pay it forward for all of my pregnant girlfriends.

In general I transitioned from my sometimes petty, selfish thoughts to a kinder and more compassionate person. I know my toddler watches my every move and I realize it is vital for her to see me making the world a better place one moment at a time.

 Ready? Set? Go!
How has motherhood changed your perspective?