How Many Kids Is The Right Number?

Leah and her beautiful family!
Leah and her beautiful family!

From Contributor Leah, Mom of 6:
People often think that more than 2 kids will cause a lot of stress… And in a ways it does. You are out numbered kids to adults, you only have 2 hands… one for each child. It’s easy to put 2 kids into almost any car, and most advertisements are geared towards a family of four.
Having a large family is fun, there is always something going on, there is always someone to play with. While I am out of hands for people to hold, there are plenty of other hands that are around to help someone with something. My husband and I are definitely out numbered but we have taught our kids to help around the house, to cook dinner, to pick up after themselves, so while our family is bigger everyone helps so it’s not a burden that is solely on my husband and I.

Six children seem like a lot… it is… but what people often forget is that kids grow. It sounds silly but it’s true. When you are in the middle of diapers and sticky fingers, you have a tendency to forget that a new baby must grow for nine months before it’s born. That means that the other children will all be nine months older as well. Nine months is a long time for little people. You can have a child potty trained in nine months, you can help another to sleep through the night. Nine months is the perfect time to teach someone to clean the bathroom or vacuum the floor, and even to make a simple meal on their own. So while adding a new child to the family seems like more work, with everyone helping it all evens outs.

There are many things that go into choosing the number of children to have. There is no formula to help you decide what the right number will be for your family. Some want to have at least one boy and one girl. Some don’t care, and they just have a number that they want… what their perfect number is. Others just wait for that “feeling” and others due to circumstances out of their control, the choice is made for them.

What is right for one family may not be for another, and as long as each child is loved that is the right number for that family.

IMG_4200From Michelle, Founder of and mom of 2:
Now that we have had our two amazing daughters the next statement out of people’s mouth is…Looks like you’ll be trying for that boy right?! Or some people just look at me with those eyes that say…your husband wants a boy right?

It is a question that my husband and I talk about non stop. We are SO tired right now. We love to travel. We are foodies. We want our marriage to remain a priority with date nights and fun couples getaways. We want to actually be able to afford 3 kids. Quite frankly the notion of a third right now seems like we would have to sacrifice everything we enjoy. There. I said it. What no one ever talks about…sacrifice of self.

So I decided to call my mom and to get her insight as she had 3 kids. Her reply was…just get ready to give up your entire life for your kids. I asked the question, so I can’t fault her for giving her honest answer, but it actually subconsciously scares me.

So the outcome we have come up with is that my husband wants a boy and I want to adopt very badly, so for our family it seems like that could be a wonderful way to accomplish both of our wishes. This is why I love battle of the mom bloggers as Leah helped me to see that all that matters is that our kids our loved, safe and happy. You can’t take clothes, houses, or money with you when you die, but I know our legacy will always live on forever through our kids. No matter if we have two or three or more, I feel grateful that our network is here to give families a helping hand!

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