How I Took My Pregnancy From Fat to Fit

This pregnancy has been 100% different than my first pregnancy.

Am I being smarter this time around?  Definitely!
Am I busier this pregnancy running after my toddler? For Sure!
Am I more confident heading into giving birth?  YES- Read on to find out why!

5 keys to success this pregnancy that have allowed me to keep my weight under control, to feel healthy and happy daily even with my growing baby bump!

1.    Mama Mio Tummy Butter– WOW! Sums up my thoughts on this product.  I am not getting paid to endorse it, I just can’t believe how well it works.  I was bummed my first pregnancy at my stretch marks and Belly Love Spa has this amazing product that literally has kept my stretch marks at bay!

2.     Make Time To Work Out Daily– Maintaining a high level of fitness is paramount to me keeping the baby weight under control.  I started working out with our personal trainer before I got pregnant to help me fight the depression of weight gain I felt the first time around.  I highly recommend Moms on A Mission, Mommycise, Groove Anywhere and our Personal Trainers to help you experience a fit pregnancy and for postpartum too!  Birth is after all the most athletic thing we women will ever do!  (Of course always check with your fitness trainer or health care professional regarding your fitness capabilities.)

3.     Green Juice to start my day– My first trimester was tough.  But once I reached my 15th week, I was able to eat again.  The first thing I reached for was carbs, carbs and more carbs. 

Rachel Feldman, Health Coach and Nutritionist
Rachel Feldman, Health Coach and Nutritiost

Then I was fortunate enough to meet a nutritionist who literally changed my life and the life of my baby to be.  She is a mom of 2 who just gets it and makes eating smarter EASY!   I have never felt lighter, or better when I start my day off with a low sugar green juice, with a splash of apple cider vinegar!  Thanks to health coach and nutritionist Rachel Feldman for boosting my pregnancy health!

4.     Target and Old Navy Tank Tops– Why spend a ton money on clothes you are only going to where for a few months to cover our growing baby bumps?  Yes, I definitely have a few great pieces that I spent money on for work events or special occasions.  Thankfully though, my friend H encouraged me to sport my baby bump proudly and to wear tight tank tops.  I have never been more comfortable and care free even with my toddler wipes yogurt or avocado on me!

Midwife Courtney McMillian
Midwife Courtney McMillian

5.     A Loving, Supportive Birth Team– My first birth didn’t go perfect by any means, but I have found that having the right birth team around me, that listens to my wishes and works WITH me I feel confident. Make sure to check out Dr. David Lubetkin and Boca Midwifery with Courtney McMillian for a loving compassionate, knowledgeable team.  Make sure to visit Dr. Vivian Keeler, Hypnobirth Instructor and all of our talented doulas at  Our midwives are top notch as well, providing moms with a nurturing experience!  And of course the amazing pediatrician, Dr. Edna Tello who COMES TO YOUR HOME for ultimate convenience and our amazing family chiropractors who help babies to avoid colic, ear infections, digestion problems, asthma, and more!  Don’t wait- log onto to find your ultimate birth team or if you have a great professional you love tell them to SIGN UP as a provider- we are nationwide!

Dr. Justin Brown adjusting our daughter for a boosted immune system!
Dr. Justin Brown adjusting our daughter for a boosted immune system!

If you are pregnant- I wish you much love and joy in your journey.  Our providers LOVE serving and helping moms to stay healthy and happy!  Make sure you are signed up for a FREE moms account at to get updated information on providers near you!

If you are not pregnant- Pass this information on to a friend or family member.  These tips have truly transformed my pregnancy from gaining too much weight, feeling depressed and a hard delivery the first time to a healthy, happy pregnancy this second time!