How I Survived Traveling with Two Kids Under 2

How I Survived Traveling with Two Kids Under 2

My entire photo-68family lives 3,000 miles away and we had a trip planned for months to bring our newborn daughter to meet up with them in Arizona.

Literally the week of our trip my husband looked at me and said, ‘I can’t go’. He had told me the entire time his dad was going back home after a health situation on Tuesday and we were leaving Thursday night.  Then to find out the date had gotten pushed back right before we were scheduled to leave was a major blow.  Of course I want my husband to take care of his dad,  it was just the miscommunication of timing that was SO frustrating!!!

I set off on an adventure with 2 kiddos under the age of two by myself on a 4+ hour plane ride across the US.  To those of you who have never done it or have kids that are a bigger age spread, you don’t understand how daunting it is, so I am going to give you a peek into the travel scene of this moms experience.  (My toddler has traveled 33,000 miles in 2 years, so we are seasoned travelers, but going with two by myself was a new experience!)

Since his ticket was paid for and non transferrable, I had my husband check in and help us through security with car seats, diaper bags, food, stroller, etc…
We get to the gate and the US Airways personnel is telling us my husband is now a national security risk as he is not getting on the flight and that it is company policy to give his seat away THAT WE PURCHASED.  She wouldn’t tell me if I needed to check our baby’s car seat or if his seat would remain empty.
I just started to cry.  The stress was purely overwhelming.Michelle and Jas
We (finally) get loaded on the plane and thankfully my infant goes to sleep.
My two year old eats through the chicken, zucchini, cucumber, squeeze packs, pretzels, and granola bars I brought with me and of course US Airways is the one airline that doesn’t offer free peanuts AHHHHHH!!!!

The plane ride slides by as we go from Minnie Mouse on the iPad, to playing peek a boo over the seat, to flashcards to stickers, stickers and more stickers.  (Next trip I will pack way more snacks and way more dollar store games/stickers/coloring activities…and more stickers!)
At one point in our journey turbulence starts to rock our plane bad and in a timely fashion, my toddler goes #2 and is jumping up and down in her seat screaming ‘POOOOOOOPPP’ as the flight attendant is telling us to sit down and buckle up.  My infant started to wake up from her sisters screams and was rooting.  I felt beads of sweat running in places I didn’t know existed and milk filled my breasts at my little ones wailing.  Thank GOD I remembered I had stuffed some goldfish in the side pocket and I was able to talk my toddler into sitting down by bribing her. With 10 minutes left in flight my toddler falls asleep on my arm as we descend.

photo-67Nothing made me happier than seeing my mom and dad waiting for us as we left the terminal.  All things considered, (poop, turbulence, running out of food, balancing the two of them ) I stayed pretty calm, but knowing I had the helping hands of my family awaiting me was a welcomed sight!

As I reflect back on the trip, I think I did a pretty good job staying calm and it all started by connecting with the AMAZING Elise Rodriguez an incredible family lawyer before I left.  Knowing that my family was taken care of should anything happen was a relief that set the tone for me to stay calm mentally.  I am very appreciative for professionals like Elise that dedicate their lives to making sure families are protected and planned for so that we can enjoy great trips like I had with my family this weekend!

Elise Rodriguez, P.A.
Elise Rodriguez, P.A.

Call Elise this week to make sure your Kid Protection Plan is in place so your children are taken care of should anything happen to you or your significant other.  It’s important and something families don’t talk enough about…so we will at!

Elise Rodriguez, P.A.