How I Stopped Drinking Caffeine and Survived

How I Stopped Drinking Caffeine and Survived

3:30 pm comes around every day and I literally feel like a truck just ran me over.
My eyes begin to droop and my body begins to move in slow motion.  After adding another babe to our household, motherhood often feels like an endless marathon with no medals, no cheering section and like I am constantly running up a hill!  It’s a good race, but an exhausting one!  (At I speak the truth!)
There is no option to take a nap as I have a toddler wanting to connect with me after school and an infant who wants me to play (well at least watch while she shoves every teething toy within reach into her mouth).

Dr-Stephen-Silver-2ysvs9bl1tlj1j1rxucw74I decided to give up caffeine after seeing renowned energy and female health specialist Dr. Stephen Silver of Health Smart M.D. I discovered that even at 105 pounds and exercising daily and eating great, that I am at risk due to genetic factors of diabetes and high cholesterol.  So unlike most of America, I decided to actually DO something about it and get healthier to avoid chronic illnesses later in life.  

Begrudgingly I gave up my daily chai tea that I had become addicted to.  This cup of chai was my life raft, my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I tried endless options to replace my caffeine fix.

th-34Thanks to an amazing contact in the network, I started drinking SUJA Juices.  These are are by far the BEST tasting juices I have had and better yet, they have awesome ingredients that nourish the body like kale, cucumber, collards, spinach, ginger, beets and more.

Do yourself a favor and check out SUJA Juice at the grocery store.
One of the best keys to staying healthy is to keep healthy choices in your house.
I have found that I have lost weight, decreased my artificial sugar intake and I have a lot more energy in the afternoon thanks to SUJA Juice!