How I Got My Baby To Sleep Through The Night Without Using Crying It Out

How I Got My Baby To Sleep Through The Night Without Using Crying It Out

IMG_4200Parenting is definitely a journey. I always say, it’s your baby your choice.  I personally chose not to do cry it out method as it just didn’t feel right to ME.  But I have friends who did use it and for them it was what they chose to do. And guess what…all of our babies play together and we all made it through the first year of motherhood!

This blog goes out to those moms that are exhausted, frustrated and just want to get SOME SLEEP!  Here are some tips I wish I had followed with my first daughter and that are working with my second daughter!

1.  Just accept it.  That’s right.  Get it through your head that when babies are young they often wake up as they are GROWING AND NEED NUTRITION.  With my first daughter, I remember asking (more like begging) my friends to tell me when my baby would start sleeping through the night. I found that when I stopped tracking and checking the clock and stressing about it, the easier it was to embrace the quiet of the night to feed and bond. Carol and Anjali

2.  Make sure your infant is getting enough to eat.  My lactation consultant and midwife taught me to note the pee and poo diapers as that is a good barometer of if they are getting enough to eat! There are a few things I learned about this along the way. The most important thing is that ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT, so comparing yourself to friends is often frustrating and can cause more stress.

Extra tips about babies and eating:  With my first daughter, I made the mistake of not calling a lactation consultant early on and so her tongue and lip tie went undiagnosed.  She was not able to latch correctly, thus she was not getting enough to eat, so she was not sleeping as she was HUNGRY! It was a horrible cycle that I don’t wish upon anyone.  Contact our IBCLC lactation consultants!  They are amazing and so supportive.

-This time around with my second daughter, she too had a tongue and lip tie, which mounted into more issues sadly, so I had to supplement with formula.  SHE STILL WAS WAKING UP every two hours EVEN WITH FORMULA– because she was HUNGRY! So don’t let people sway you from Breastfeeding with the myth that formula makes babes sleep because I have learned it doesn’t! Also if you are tempted by the older generation that tells you to use rice cereal….make sure you do your research on

Anjali Adjusted-Finally, when my first daughter was crying a lot, following a difficult birth delivery (some would call it colic), I got her adjusted by a chiropractor that worked with infants- Search for these chiropractors on and it was as gentle as taking a pulse.  She was much more at ease and stopped crying, making breastfeeding easier.  It’s natural and it’s effective to help your baby live in a state of ease.  That’s my husband adjusting our daughter:) She loves it!

3.  Now that we are almost to the 5 month mark, my second daughter started sleeping through the night on her own.  She went through a huge growth spurt eating often and then settled in to sleeping through the night.  I didn’t use any books, methods, trainings…I just followed my motherly intuition and I had more patience this time around to follow her cues for when SHE was ready to sleep through.  She rubs her eyes rigorously signaling she is ready for bed and I place her in with a pacifier and she drifts peacefully to sleep.  My first daughter breastfed peacefully to sleep, again your baby your choice.

4.  Create a night time routine.  With my first daughter I remember being baffled how this would even work as I scrambled to try to get dinner on, clean, give her a bath and get her to sleep.  I was so stressed out trying to do a night time ‘routine’ it failed miserably.  This time around with two kiddos to balance I start the nightly wind down MUCH earlier.  Sometimes that means my husband only sees them for about 20 minutes at night but it is better for the whole family if we start dinner prep at 4:30 then do bath for my older daughter at 5:30 then I put the final touches on dinner to be ready at 6:30, we eat.  Then I dim the lights, turn off all noise and I take the baby back to the same chair in the same room to feed.  Then I give her to my husband and I go read to our toddler and put her to bed.  Then I go back to put our infant in her bassinet as she is DROWSY with a pacifier.

5. Yup.  That’s right, I said pacifier.  With my first daughter, I refused to give her a pacifier….thus my nipples were her pacifiers for 14 mIMG_4782onths.  I love breastfeeding but there is a definite difference between feeding and comforting and then using them to pacify. This second time around I definitely used a pacifier starting at week 3 and I am sure glad I did!  I only use it at nap and at night and it is awesome to see her self soothe.

For the mommies out there that are tired and frustrated, please know you are not alone.
For the mommies that are bragging that their kids slept right away…good for YOU!  I am sincerely happy.  And for the mommies out there that had other methods that worked for their kids- THAT IS GREAT for you!  I am happy that works for your family.

I remember being exhausted and baffled why my kid wasn’t sleeping, so I hope this article provides hope for mommies like me.

Most of all the beauty of motherhood is that it is your child your choice!
Make sure to check out our amazing lactation consultants, doulas and our tongue and lip tie specialist- Dr. Saadia Mohammed who helped my infant tremendously!