How I Finally Overcame Insomnia

I always was a great sleeper growing up.  Then I got pregnant. I just couldn’t sleep.  Literally.  I would have to watch endless episodes of Friends on my phone.  The final trimester of pregnancy I would watch the sun rise over and over.  Anyone who has endured insomnia knows it can feel like torture.

Then I actually had my first daughter and was up all night and all morning taking care of a little person who needed me.  As she grew up my daughter FINALLY started sleeping through the night at a year and I soon found out I was pregnant again.  The pregnancy insomnia started again even worse….I am pretty sure I looked like a zombie.

One of the #1 things that makes me sad is when moms WHO DON’T HAVE INFANTS are quick to correct, ‘help’ aka say annoying things, and judge moms that are sleep deprived and exhausted with young babes.  It is SO easy to forget what that first year is like and you feel judged and like no one gets your life. YOU ARE TIRED. UNDERSTANDS YOU!  

Capture the Bliss Photography
Capture the Bliss Photography

I am going to shed some light onto first time moms that are struggling like I was.  I always say it’s your baby, your body, your home…YOUR CHOICE. So take what you like and don’t worry about what you don’t like below.

  1.  I knew I needed to wind down at night better to ward off insomnia, so I started using essential oils such as doTerra Oils with our Essential Oils expert Dawn and I was able to truly relax and go to sleep better.  Contact her at  It’s natural, its easy and it is helpful for moms! (and kids!) Mention ihelpmoms for specials.
  2. Sometimes when we face exhaustion with newborns, we get pressured to default to formula. I believe in consulting experts to figure out what is right for you and your baby.  I breastfed my first baby and had to formula feed my second baby.  It made NO difference in how long their sleep stretches were.  I DO highly recommend contacting our amazing lactation consultants BEFORE or RIGHT AT BIRTH to get expert help if you wish to breastfeed.  They LOVE helping moms and are an inexpensive option to making sure you feel supported and empowered!
  3. Thanks to Lens with Love for Capturing This Special Moment
    Thanks to Lens with Love for Capturing This Special Moment

    Breastfeeding was much easier for me because a mothers milk is always warm and accessible.  With my second I thought bottle feeding would give me some ‘time off’ NOPE.  It was even more work for me because my hubby can’t help with the feeds at night, so between the formula and warming the milk and cleaning the bottles I didn’t prefer it.  Here is the truth new babies ARE HUNGRY.  Period.  One way is not the right way and the goal is to nourish your child:)  I promise you this: they grow up, they are able to stay nourished longer and they will start to sleep…which means you will get sleep too.

  4. My second baby was just a NATURALLY better sleeper than my first. The more sleep baby gets, the more sleep mommy gets. There was nothing I did differently to make her sleep better.   I hugged and loved them the same. I did my best to put them both down when they were drowsy.  They both were swaddled in the beginning, I did use a pacifier with my second! My second one started sleeping through the night much earlier but then would get teeth or grow and would wake up again.  When moms brag about their kids sleep…take it with a grain of salt.
  5. To Lens with Love Photography
    To Lens with Love Photography

    It is such a buzz kill to motherhood to compare yourself to other moms and baby’s sleeping patterns.  Remember every home environment is different, every baby has different needs, everyone sleeps different (co sleep, bassinet, crib etc).  Example the moms who have strict schedules and scoff at me for not.  My husband doesn’t get home until 7 or later…so my kids would not see him which is not okay for my family.  We have to be a little more flexible too as my family lives 3,000 miles away so we travel ALOT.  Again, repeat to yourself, every family is different, every baby is unique.  no need to compare.

  6. My second baby would go through a great sleep period then would teeth and I would be up all night again helping her.  Then she would go through a great sleep period and she would go through a growth spurt where she was HUNGRY and needed a bottle.  Now she is sleeping great again.    I just trust my mommy intuition to recognize when the baby is out of it’s normal pattern.  I find relaxing through these situations allows me to say calm and therefore when I do get to sleep I sleep easier.  Babies teeth and grow and get hungry at night…
  7. th-5As a working mom and a stay at home mom simultaneously I have learned to set limits for myself.  I have found that it has helped me really fight insomnia because I start unwinding earlier.  Please note I was not able to do this UNTIL MY KIDDOS WERE SLEEPING MORE.  Sometimes I find myself getting in a cycle of laundry, dishes, school pick up, baths, cooking, cleaning and I lose sight of enjoying life.  So the best piece of advice I got for myself, my family and my marriage was to set a time to turn mommy off.  This happened once my baby turned 9 months and was sleeping well.  Even though my husband gets home late, I feed the girls at 5, baths at 6, books and wind down time, daddy daughter time at 7, then off to bed for the kids.  8 pm Kitchen clean up, then it’s mommy time for 5 solid minutes to do whatever I want then we spend couples time together.  I highly encourage you to talk to a Mom Coach! They are amazing to help find balance in life!
  8. Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.38.27 PMThe biggest key to beat insomnia for me was to find ways to destress and calm the mind.   Zenerations of Boca has amazing prenatal and regular yoga classes and massage to help your body find balance and restoration. has the best spas designed just for moms and they have prenatal specialists.  Dr. Johanna at With Aloha Care acupuncture specializes in pregnant women and female health to help your entire body discover relaxation.  doTerra Essential Oils Specialist Dawn is happy to help you find oils that will destress and relax to overcome insomnia. Contact her at:

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