How I Cut My Morning Routine From 45 minutes to 20 minutes!

I have long, wavy hair that never participates in looking sleek in this Florida heat! When I indulge in my guilty pleasure – the Real Housewives on the television – I sit in awe at their ability to chase after kids and maintain perfect hair simultaneously. It is somewhat baffling to me. Daily my own hair has been drenched swimming with my toddler, is up in a ponytail for her mommy and me classes or in a bun after working out.

After my daughter turned 1, I decided I seriously needed to do something. I wanted to feel pretty again. I wanted a FAST option to make my hair look great.

Thankfully I met the owner of Camilla Day Spa and Salon in Coral Springs who introduced me to Smooth Infusion™ Professional Smoothing Treatment by Aveda.  

I walked in to her salon with kinky, frizzy hair.
I walked out a few hours later with beautiful, sleek glossy looking hair!  The best money I have spent in the last year!  6 months after the treatment my hair is healthy and is still straight!

thI have been getting my hair professionally straightened since 2003 with various ‘break through’ products. Honestly though, my favorite thing about the Aveda Smooth Infusion™ treatment I got a Camilla’s Day Spa, is that according to Aveda- “Our innovative smoothing formula is up to 83% naturally derived and less damaging to hair than traditional keratin treatments or straighteners. Also it is NOT formulated with the chemicals, such as formaldehyde, ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide, found in traditional straighteners. Instead we use tourmaline, mineral sulfites and a corn derived ingredient / polylysine, which are naturally derived.”

These days I can wash my hair, let it air dry and by the time I arrive at our play dates it is straight! If I have a meeting or special occasion I can curl it or straighten it completely out.  This amazing product has saved me so much time, enabled me to get myself looking feminine again and I feel good knowing it is a more natural straightening option!

Make sure to call Camilla Day Spa in Coral Springs at (954) 753-1124.

You can also read more about the process here:
Camilla’s Day Spa will also be our featured Beauty Bar provider for our Girls Night In- Shower Edition on August 2!