How Getting Braces Helped Me Find My Husband

How Getting Braces Helped Me Find My Husband

That’s right. You read that correctly.
th-11All my life I had crooked bottom teeth and as I moved into my professional career I was very self conscious about it.  I also needed to expand my palate to help my teeth fit properly to avoid dental problems later on in life.  So, I took the plunge and got braces as an adult!

In my rush to advance myself professionally, I didn’t consider the impact braces would have on my love life.  Let me tell you, being 26 with braces, all of the men went running for the hills when they noticed! Can I blame them?  The nice thing was it was an easy way to see how superficial they were.

Boys and Girls ClubThen one night I was sitting in a restaurant (okay, a great little bar in Queen Anne if I am honest with you) with my bestie.  I started talking to a blond guy who was standing next to me.  He earned major points that he didn’t run away when he saw my gleaming metal mouth.  We talked all night long and he didn’t seem to care that I had braces!  He called me the next day and I jumped up and down that I had finally found a good guy that could look past the outside appearance!

Fast forward 2 years later, the braces were off, I felt confident with straight teeth, my sports career was taking off and best of all the guy I had met at the bar was now my husband!

camada2Braces are important for kids to avoid speech problems, dental issues later in life and in my personal experience they create straight teeth for greater confidence in life.  I wish my parents had gotten me braces when I was younger so I didn’t have to get them on when my business career was peaking.

The best news is that  Dr. Nancy Wiley of Wiley Smiles has been providing Certified Invisalign® care since 1999 and is a Preferred Provider. Invisalign® is an advanced technique for straightening teeth without metal braces! I wish I had known about Dr. Wiley when I got my braces on, but the good news is is here now to connect her amazing office to all of you!

Contact Dr. Nancy Wiley to set up you or your child’s orthodontic assessment today!  Mention for special rates!

Trust me, it will be an amazing experience! It definitely changed my life!