What is the best way to get along with a crabby mom?

What is the best way to get along with a crabby mom?

How Do You Handle A Mom You Don't Like?
How Do You Handle A Mom You Don’t Jive With?

I like people, I really do. I am a happy, positive person, but today I ran into the crabbiest mom of all time!

I took Anjali to a mommy and me class at an awesome facility. The class is a 15 minute drive away in the town next to us and it is right during naptime, but as I watched her learning throughout the class, I knew Anjali was right where she needed to be. I loved watching her smile proudly as she climbed the stairs, her curiosity peak as she explored the gym and her joy as she clapped along with the puppet show.

And It Begins

I was talking with a great friend of mine in the class about holistic living and another mom chimed in. She started out discussing how she was fed up with waiting in line at her pediatrician’s office. I listened to her rant and encouraged her to check out Personalized Pediatrics with the amazing Dr. Edna Tello and resumed my previous conversation with my friend.

As we were putting on our shoes to exit the class this crabby mom once again started complaining about how she didn’t like paying for another class she was doing. She just kept going on and on. She would ask a question and then not even listen to if anyone had a suggestion.  I wondered to myself if this was a bad joke.  She droned on and on her negativity mounting to epic proportions.

I moved outside to give Anjali a snack and the mom followed us and started to complain about Target and that she thought they owed her 10% as they didn’t publicize their recent promotion enough. I wanted to tear my hair out, but I gritted my teeth and focused in on feeding Anjali.

To cap it off this mom said that she did not like the earlier class that was filled with first time moms that were too protective and had their babies made up too perfectly. My eyes rotated to her Louis Vuitton bag and her daughter’s perfect bow and Rockin Republic baby jeans. I shook my head baffled. One thing for sure was I am a cautious first time mom and I love putting bows in the abundance of hair Anjali has, so at least I was clear she didn’t like me! I continued to be cordial as I wanted to be understanding that maybe this mom had a tiring night the night before or maybe she was badly in need of someone to listen and care about her.  My skin was literally crawling to get away from this negative woman and thankfully Anjali was done eating.

I took a minute once in my car to regenerate positive energy around myself and Anjali.  I seriously questioned coming back to this class knowing this difficult mom would be around.  But then and there I made the decision to focus on the amazing, positive, loving moms and I remembered something my friend H told me.  She said, “Michelle, these groups are not about us as moms. We do these classes for our babies learning, development and growth.”

I realized as I drove away that it is important to be an example of what we want our children to grow up to be. I may not always agree with all moms or enjoy their company, but it is important treat fellow moms respectfully.   We don’t have to choose to hang out with crabby moms, but it is important to recognize that many moms are sleep deprived and just need an understanding smile from a fellow mom sometimes.

I expect Anjali to be respectful of others and that is what I need to remember for myself.  We are all moms just trying our best, and that alone is worthy of respect and understanding.

Ready? Set? Go!

How do you politely excuse yourself from a situation you may feel uncomfortable in? Looking for positive outcomes and respectful options here!