How Do I Function On No Sleep?

How Do I Function On No Sleep?

Do you wonder how you are going to find the energy to make it through the day? If you answered yes, then please know I am right there with you!

Last night I put Anjali to sleep, worked for an hour and got ready for bed, then I heard whimpering start from the adjacent room. No, no, no!!!! I prayed that Anjali would put herself back to sleep. I quickly shut my computer down and tip toed to my bed. Just as I was curling into my pillows, her wails began to fill our bedroom. I nursed Anjali and then gently laid her back in her crib. My body craved sleep and I slunk into my long awaited covers.

Two hours later the wails erupted again and yet again two hours after that. Finally after waking up two more times Anjali slept for a stretch of three hours. I woke up at 8am disoriented, exhausted and cranky that my husband couldn’t breastfeed.

I wandered like a zombie throughout the day.
I thought about all tiredthe moms bragging about their baby’s sleeping through the night and the plethora of the advice I received on ‘guaranteed’ sleep solutions. I started to spiral down the dangerous stairway to doom, compounded by a lack of sleep and felt like I failed somehow compared to the other mommies.

My husband thankfully took Anjali so I could get a much needed five minute recharge. The sun came out from behind a cloud and warmth stroked my tired bones. In that moment, clarity dawned that I had tried everything to get Anjali to sleep through the night, but deep down in my gut I knew that at seven months old she was growing rapidly mentally, as well as physically. I needed to accept that. Motherhood can be tiring! Breastfeeding provided a perfect balance of nutrients and immune system benefits. I realized Anjali is simply hungry at night and I was giving her the best food possible. There wasn’t anything wrong with her or me! We wish and expect babies to follow our adult timelines, but babies have their own needs whether it be hunger, teething or growing or comfort. She is growing and progressing perfectly and that is truly what matters.

If you are sleep deprived please make sure you get some type of relief or ‘you’ time, even if just for a few minutes. Find a mothers helper on under Find A Provider to lend a helping hand! Those few minutes can feel like water in a desert. You are not alone if you are tired and take heart knowing that babies do start sleeping through the night as they develop. Follow your heart with what you believe your baby needs. Crying it out is not for me, but breastfeeding to sleep is. Different things work for different babies, and it’s your baby your choice how you want to help them to sleep peacefully.

Ready? Set? Go!
When you are exhausted how do you find your balance again?