How Can We Show Our Teachers Appreciation?

I have never felt more grateful for teachers than I did today taking my daughter to her first day of school. Looking through my toddler’s eyes helped me to truly see the amazing talents of teachers.

I walked into the school with mounds of parents and kids crowding the hallways. Maybe it was being 6 months pregnant, but I got hot flashes of anxiety just wanting to get my daughter to her classroom where she wouldn’t get run over or lost. When I saw her teachers they welcomed her with open arms and smiles at 8 am. Mind you, my brain was craving caffeine at this early hour, while these wonderful teachers were fully focused on all of these toddlers coming into their care. It is enough worry and work to care for my own child, but the ability of these wonderful ladies to teach 6-10 toddlers is seriously beyond my

As some of the toddlers clung to their moms and others went to explore the classroom, the teachers skillfully managed not only the kids, but the nervous mothers too! Now that takes talent. They had the perfect balance of patiently answering the parents’ questions, while keeping a close eye on the kids and redirecting them as needed. (Although some of the moms looked like they needed redirecting more!)

Later that afternoon when I went to pick Anjali up, I watched secretly from the window. I saw the teachers still lovingly playing, feeding, changing diapers with the same energy they had at 8 am. It was so obvious that they were gifted with a special compassion and energy for kids.

I am sincerely grateful for teachers. Their selflessness, their zest for helping kids learn and their patience is something that amazes me. I wish all teachers a happy school year and hope that all parents will give tangible and intangible appreciation for those guiding and teaching their children!

Ready?  Set?  Go!
Would love to hear from other moms about how you have shown your child’s teachers appreciation and gratitude.