How Can I Feel Great and Look Pretty Pregnant?

As my baby bump keeps getting bigger, I can no longer fit in my pants! YIKES!  If you are anything like me, I have a hard time finding cute clothes to help me feel great during pregnancy. Oops…I forgot to add in the word AFFORDABLE pregnancy clothes!

I really hit a low my first pregnancy in the third trimester, when I felt huge and quite frankly ugly.     I tried saving money by just buying clothes a little bit bigger or wearing my baggy clothes, but they never fit right.  My amazing mother in law bought me a high quality pregnancy shirt, a gorgeous dress and elegant pregnancy pants that I am pretty sure I wore almost every day in the last month of my pregnancy!

This pregnancy though, I have found amazing pregnancy clothes on Zulily. Their selection is amazing! Most sites I have seen have a few high end designers that are out of my league or the expensive tank tops that are really just for wearing around the house. I have business events to attend, many times with a play group to go to after, so I need a varied wardrobe! I found dresses, night gowns and pants that I loved on Zulily. Best of all the savings are awesome with many of the items at 70% off.

This second pregnancy, I want to feel great with how I look, as I believe that it makes for happier pregnancy, thus a happier baby growing inside of me! I don’t want to spend a lot of money to look great these final 5 months of pregnancy, so Zuiliy is a great solution for my budget conscious ways.

I always like to pass on things that help make motherhood easier. Online shopping, with a great selection and deep discounts is a winning combination to this pregnant lady!