How Busy Parents Can Create Fun Loving Nights Together

How Busy Parents Can Create Fun Loving Nights Together

Today we on our LIVE Facebook Show, we interviewed the Founder of Intimate Intimacy on how couples can create MORE fun, more sexy, more connection after busy days working, taking care of kids and putting everyone else first!

Here is what our sex therapist gave us insight into for couples that want more sex and connection:

Our perception creates our reality!  It is so important to make our relationships a PRIORITY.

Sexual relationship is vital to marital satisfaction (accounts for 15-20%), while non-sexual relationships drain and strain our relationships accounting for 50-75% of dissatisfaction!!! Our connection, our intimacy plays a HUGE part in the longevity and satisfaction of our relationships.

Once we understand how important it is to make our relationship a priority, we’re more likely to take the necessary steps to increasing intimacy.

Here are some simple strategies to cultivate happiness and joy throughout your day leading to better connection at night:

Helpful shifts in thoughts/perception throughout the day include – POSITIVE anticipation of sexual experiences (not dread of thinking of it as another “to-do”);

Openness and willingness to having a good time (i.e. touch, play, regardless of sexual outcome);

Believing that we deserve pleasure and a healthy way to reduce stress through sexuality (especially when we are giving so much of ourselves throughout the day)

Thinking throughout your day about the fun you have had with your partner, to think about things you enjoy doing together.

Overall a good thing to remember to keep things sexy, spicy and thriving in your relationship is:
What you think about you bring about;)
Cheers to making motherhood easier and our relationships happier!

Michelle CEO/Founder and Rachel Sex Therapist and Infinite Intimacy Therapist

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