How Being A Mindful Mom Can Create More Successful Kids

How Being A Mindful Mom Can Create More Successful Kids

1. What does it mean to be a mindful mom?
Being a mindful mom is someone who is paying attention to her OWN feelings.  Not judging them, not mad or distracted with her feelings, but can recognize them as important information about herself and her environment. 

2. How do we let things roll off our shoulders in morherhood?

Think about the scenario when your partner leaves the dishes in the sink, or you are walking across the street with your little ones and a car goes right by not stopping for you, or you have your stroller and people don’t open the door for you.  

Do you get mad or do you find a way to create your own solutions and happiness?

You have two choices:
-you can wait to be happy when everybody around you decides to behave like you would like them too (GOOD LUCK WITH THIS!)
-you can make your well being a priority that is not conditioned by anybody else.
When you decide that nobody has to behave a certain way for you to be happy with this life that has been given to you, life just gets easier. But it’s definitely a muscle that you need to work. Caring about yourself also keeps you at a healthy distance from interactions, conversations, activities and people that don’t feel good. You care less about being right, or explaining yourself to anybody else and care more about feeling good. Making decisions becomes easier

3. Why is it healthy to ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’?
Because we are always in a state of growth and evolution. This is literally what life is ALL about.  So through difficult experiences we can reframe and say to ourselves: I will become a better version of myself through this experience. By experiencing what we don’t want, we gain more clarity on what we do want. And knowing what we want is powerful. We have the power to direct our attention and focus on our goals.

4. What is the effect on our kids when we exhibit strong emotional IQ?
It is by far the best teacher of success. 
Kids with higher emotional intelligence get better jobs, earn higher salaries, but more importantly have better relationships.
Check out our full Ask The Experts Episode HERE to find out why mastering our own emotional IQ and modeling it for our kids is a major factor in it is a MAJOR factor of success in life!

Love this explanation insight from Motherly as well!

“Emotional intelligence by Megan Owenz of

All of these strategies are a part of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence encompasses awareness, understanding, and the ability to express and manage one’s emotions.

While the world has been focused on academic achievement in childhood, emotional self-regulation has been largely ignored. This is a poor strategy, given that research suggests emotional intelligence is twice as strong a predictor as IQ of later success.

Self-control, one piece of emotional intelligence, is particularly important in predicting achievement in children. Children who are able to inhibit impulses (often driven by emotions) and avoid distractions are able to engage in more prosocial behaviors and accomplish their goals.”READ FULL ARTICLE HERE! 

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