Holiday Travel With Kids

Holiday Travel With Kids

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Holiday travel with kids is just part of life as we know it, as we live 3,000 miles away from our family.


These tips will help save you time, money and stress.
Here is our airplane packing list with little ones but overall, we have learned the lighter you can travel with just the essentials the better!

Ju-Ju-Be– After buying 10 different diaper bags this is our top rated travel pick! It packs the most stuff in an organized way and is super durable!!

Diapers- Pack 2 in an easy to reach outer pocket and 4 to 6 more inside.

Disposable Diaper Changing Pads– Bring 2 to 4  Changing stations are DIRTY.  We love the changing pads you can toss!

Wipes– Carry-on a travel size and then pack another travel size in your luggage for the way home.  We love the Babyganics hand sanitizer for trips too!

Pacifiers– At least 2!

Formula/BreastMilk– Pack extra in the event you have a delay.

Blankets- 2 small ones will help them to feel some sense of calm and familiarity. Start getting them used to these before the flight!

Toys- We don’t bring toys anymore with a 2 and 4.  They fall, they get gross and they are just an extra thing to hold onto.  If you have an infant in a car seat, then that is the only time we will bring a hanging toy to keep them entertained.

Headsets- We found these awesome tiara headsets that work great for flights!

iPads, Tablets, Phones- We made the mistake of bringing only one…it was chaos with the kids fighting over it. Looks like we know what to get them for Christmas…

Strollers- This was our first flight we did with CHECKING the strollers with our luggage.  Being 7 months pregnant I was not in favor of this decision.  So my husband got the brunt of carrying them!

I highly recommend a simple Umbrella stroller or the Britax B-Agile if you have an infant and do not baby wear.  Obviously, if you have a newborn or infant, a baby carrier is great!  We love the Ergo for traveling if you baby wear!
Mom Hook and Beverage Holder– I highly recommend these items when traveling.  It just Makes Motherhood Easier which is what is all about!

Food- Traveling 3,000 miles we found the airlines had no fresh food which is definitely not ideal.

These are our recommended take along items: Cherry Tomatoes, Grapes, Baby Carrots, Bell Peppers Cut Up, Strawberries, Baby Food Packs/Applesauce Packs, PBJ sandwiches, Graham Crackers, Cheese Sticks, Nuts. We have found these to be options kids will eat and that will stay good when traveling!

Feel free to comment with your travel insight on how to Make Motherhood Easier this holiday season! We always love learning from our amazing mom fans!

unspecifiedWishing you much love, joy, and happiness this holiday season with your families,
Michelle Founder