Let the Holiday Stress Begin

Mompreneur 2I just got the Winter Social invitation for my daughters school and of course it falls on the very night I have a work event! The mommy tug of war between work, wife, mom is constant for this MOMpreneur.

Of course I want to go to the school event and I am the host for my work event that has been planned for months. My mind instantly starts to spin as I think about how I can juggle the baby, dinner, and getting to both events.  I want to enjoy my holidays as I know my girls will have better holidays if I am happy!  I needed a plan so I took a step back to examine my priorities- Wife, Mom, Work.

Boys and Girls ClubI am a dedicated wife. Far, very far from perfect- but completely dedicated to keeping a happy marriage a priority.  It is not easy!!  I know the things that I need to have done to ensure my husband feels cared for.  He leaves our house at 6:45 in the morning and returns after 7:00 pm every night- I do not have the husband that is there to help with school pick up, drop offs, baths, etc… but I do have a hubby that works extremely hard and to show my respect and appreciation, I try to make sure the cooking, cleaning, kid duties and laundry are taken care of.  Do I love these duties?  NO!  but once we communicated about what we needed to find balance to create a happy home I understood I needed to get the job done.  I highly recommend our mom coaches, family therapists, life coaches that help couples to learn communication strategies that lead to true and lasting happiness.

mompreneur 1I have a deep desire to be a great mom.  I vacillate daily if it is better for my girls to see me working as a business owner or if I would serve them best as a stay at home mom.  I look at my stay at home mom friends and I think about all the amazing things they do with their kids and I feel guilty that I need to be doing more.  Then I look at my working mom friends and I love talking to them about business strategies!  It is a constant tug of war I deal with.  As I ponder this, I realize I can be be a great stay at home and working mom with ihelpmoms.com.  If you are looking to make some extra holiday money join as a mom ambassador! 

I am passionate about helping moms. I created ihelpmoms.com because I never, ever want moms to be left isolated and struggling.  I think the biggest change I have had to make now that we expanded our family to balance motherhood and work, is that when the kids are with me my computer is put away, upstairs, out of reach so I am not tempted to log on to work. I have had to form solid yellow lines to ensure I am completely present when I am with my girls.  

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