Hello My Job Is MOM and I Don’t Sit And Eat Bon Bons All Day

I spent 10 years of my life working in corporate America.  I worked in the male dominant sports industry, I worked with egomaniacs, I worked from 7 am to midnight regularly and provided customer service to 17,000 very high maintenance fans filling sports arenas.

Nothing and I mean nothing I did during my career in corporate America even came close to the amount of work I do as a mom, the energy I expend taking care of another human being and the care I instill each and everyday working to make a positive impact.9suSgYEmVG9o6CRnpGMjHP_oT8GCMz-2TF6QcYV-kgA

One thing is for sure that as a mom: I DON’T SIT AND EAT BONS BONS AT HOME ALL DAY!

I thought about this post when my husband said to me the other day, “if you want a pedicure so bad, why don’t you just go get one after you drop our daughter off at school?”  My eyes about popped out of my head. Was he crazy? I DO NOT have time during the week to get a pedicure!

Like most moms I know, I work on my own business from morning to night, clean the kitchen, get laundry in, work out to stay fit for this next baby on the way, clean the house, go grocery shopping, fold laundry and then turn around and pick Anjali up again, then start on preparing dinner into bath time, and onto getting a toddler down to sleep.  I rarely sit and eating a complete meal is a rarity, which is on par for the moms I know.  Sometimes when we are tired and overwhelmed it is easy to place blame on others for how we are feeling.  Communication in a relationship is essential and healthy communication as parents is vital.

I tell my toddler all the time to use her words. Today, I had to take my own advice. How can I expect my husband to understand that I needed a half hour to myself on the weekend, because I was so busy during the week, if I never express how I am feeling to him?

Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy emotional balance in your house!
Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy emotional balance in your house!

From my own experience this week, I learned a few keys to good  family communication that helped me to get myself back in balance.  Working mom or stay at home mom, it doesn’t matter, we ALL have needs and communication is vital for a healthy family dynamic.

  1. Make sure to pick a calm time, when your child is NOT around, to talk to your husband or partner if there is something you need for your emotional, physical or spiritual well being.
  2. Recognize the crazy cycle. That is when you feel frustration that continues to mount and then you start to disconnect or retaliate emotionally from your significant other, then it festers further. The earlier you can nip this in the bud, the better. Get OFF the crazy cycle and START communicating.
  3. I am glad we read the book the Five Love Languages, to help us identify what we each need individually to feel loved and respected.
  4. You have to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of your household! Having pent up frustrations is never good as our kids pick up on our emotions.

Ready?  Set.  Go!
What is your top strategy for making sure to take care of yourself so that you can be the best wife, partner, mother you can be?