Healthy, Well-Balanced Meals for busy families!

Healthy, Well-Balanced Meals for busy families!

A busy family….I think my family falls into that category along with most!   Thymely Chef LogoThe goal of The Thymely Chef is to create healthy, well-balanced meals for busy families that everyone can enjoy. As a mother of a picky eater, Chef Nicole understands the difficulties and trials of finding foods that children will eat. Dietary restrictions are not an issue: we can cook gluten free, diary free, paleo, and vegan upon request. She is well versed in different types of cuisines, allowing us to provide a variety of menus for different occasions.

Soups, Entrees and Sides!  Delicious, Healthy Food for Everyone!

Great recipe for next week!!

After Thanksgiving breakfast…with all of the leftover sides
1 lg. onion chopped
1 lg. red pepper chopped
1 cup roasted asparagus chopped
1 cup roasted brussel sprouts chopped
2 cups chopped roasted potatoes and or sweet potatoes
6 – 8 whole eggs
Preheat oven to 375
Saute the onions and peppers, until soft
Add in all the other ingredients until warm
Place in a 9 x 11 cake pan
Crack the eggs on the top of the hash and bake for at least five minutes or until desired doneness of eggs


Chef Nicole Veil has worked in the restaurant industry for 17 years. She is a graduate of The Culinary Institute Of America in New York. Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.32.23 AMShe is passionate about creating healthy, great-quality food. Her daughter is a picky eater, and she knows how hard it is to feed children well balanced, healthy food.

 As a child, Chef Nicole found her passion alongside her mother in the kitchen. She learned then about the importance of local, organic produce and quality ingredients.

 “Food is my life and I want to share my love of food with you!” – Chef Nicole