Are Headaches Affecting Your Life?

Are Headaches Affecting Your Life?

Mom Tip Headaches

Being a mom can take a toll physically, mentally and emotionally.  It can be painful and frustrating to suffer from headaches.  Added to that it can also start to affect our ability to be great parents to our kids.  There may be an underlying cause to your head aches and taking the headache self test is a great place to find out if natural headache relief is an option for you!

From Dr. Justin Brown’s Website

How do I know if my headaches could be coming from my neck? Classic signs of craniocervical syndrome or, in lay persons terms, a headache being caused by neck dysfunction:

My neck is very tight or even painful
My headaches start at the base of my skull
My head feels too heavy
I am not able to fully turn my neck side to side or tilt my head left and right.
I have tenderness at the base of my skull
Certain head movements trigger my headaches
I have a history of head or neck trauma
If you have 2 or more of these signs, you are likely experiencing a headache caused by neck dysfunction.

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I can only speak for myself after years of cheerleading at a the collegiate level that my head and neck suffered serious misalignment causing me major headaches.  Chiropractic care by our chiropractors helped alleviate my headaches and helped me to get back on track enjoying motherhood.

Our family has had a health changing experience. Dr Brown is very knowledgeable and confident in patient care. It is quick and easy but the results are amazing. Back pain is a non issue now and my husband and I are able to Crossfit pain free. Would recommend to anyone interested in getting their health on track. Sally- Mom of 3