Have any of you ever flown with kids?

Have any of you ever flown with kids?

Dear Airlines,

Have any of you ever flown with kids?  ANYONE?

Do you know that a mom’s’ trip starts with massive trip planning from crackers to carriers to breast pumps to baby formula to diapers to toys?  This leaves us with little packing room for ourselves, which already leaves moms anxious.  
But then again moms are selfless superheroes.

As our trip continues we pull our tired kids out of their beds at the crack of dawn, load them in the car and then often turn around when we realize that we forgot the iPods and Hoppy, the beloved stuffed bunny.  

Stress is rising as we race to the airport.

When we finally get on the road, we arrive at the airport where there is no parking and we are like sherpas, carting baby seats, baby strollers, carrying kids in our baby carriers and miraculously rolling luggage for a family of 5.  
But then again moms are superheroes…

We make it into the ticket line where everyone glares at us because one ticketing agent tells us to cut in line because we have kids…then we get in that line and another agent tells us we are in the wrong line.  Our blood pressure is on the rise and there is no one in sight to help…just a lot of glaring people around us.

Then we reach security where our stroller is too big and one TSA agent tells us that we MUST fit it through the conveyor belt while we helplessly watch as they jam and scrape our $400 stroller trying to fit it in.  All while we told them it doesn’t fit.  Then they take it off the conveyor belt and sit it to the side while they tell our two-year-old they MUST walk through by themselves.  Even better they open our formula to test it which only stays good for 1 hour from the time of opening.  Thanks, TSA.  That helps no one.  DOES ANYONE HAVE KIDS!? Then we get to the security scanner and they tell us we must make our kids walk through by themselves.  What two-year-old is going to be excited to let go of mom and dad to walk through to a big stranger dressed in blue?  After some tears and pushing, we make it.

We get to the gate! YES! Then we head up with our car seats, our stroller, our babies, our bottles, our snacks, our iPads.  We get up there and the gate agent barks “Didn’t you hear the announcement! There is no pre-board for families! Back to your group number!”  Our kids start to cry, one of them says they have to go to the bathroom, and yet again everyone behind us is glaring.

There goes the blood pressure spike again, mixed with embarrassment.

We walk down the plank.  By this time, we feel like we ARE drowning.  Streams of people bump our backs, step on our kids, as we fold our strollers, put our seats in the bags so they don’t get ruined when they throw our bags underneath the plane.

The plane is about to take off and it’s been 3 hours since we left our house and our kids are hungry and tired again.  Why? Because they are kids.  Everyone expects us to control our kids in these tight, confined, stuffy, hot conditions.  That is like requesting rain on demand in the desert.  

We buy a seat for the baby to be in a carrier as that is what the FAA suggests.  We put the car seat down and it won’t fit between the seats!  And they are going down to 29 inches of space! DOES ANYONE IN THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY HAVE KIDS? Now the flight attendant is annoyed and tells us we have to hold the child even though we PAID for a seat.  Right, hold a baby with a two-year-old and a four-year-old?  

But then again…Moms are superheroes.

Take it from this mom, airlines.  Traveling with young kids SUCKS!
Your reply back is probably then why do it?
Because life requires us to when we live 3,000 miles away from extended family!

So I implore you…

Could you train your employees to be kind? What about instituting a tip system online or on board so great flight attendants could be tracked and awarded.  

Could you do a drill with your staff with those babies that cry and poop and they try to load a plane with 150 other people?

Could you teach your attendants to follow the FAA guidelines so that it is UNIVERSAL for parents to understand what is and what is not allowed?  Ihelpmoms.com will happily write the UNIVERSAL manual of rules for parents traveling with kids if the airlines would get it together.
Could you just be nice to moms traveling with kids? It’s that simple.

Being a superhero mom is hard work when you travel, but someone has to do it.  It would sure be nice if there was an airline who actually understood us.

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