Healthy & Fit in the New Year!!

Yes, it’s possible to be healthy and fit without putting the rest of your life on hold. In fact, we’re usually better equipped to deal with our lives when we take care of ourselves. Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.33.39 PMHere you’ll find an honest, genuine approach to transforming your fitness and health with workouts that have been designed to jumpstart your body into muscle-building and fat-loss mode. New moves are introduced at a progressive pace so you learn proper form, to avoid injury and maximize results, and then add intensity as you go.

Whether you’re new to working out or just need a new approach, GrooveAnywhere will help you build a fitness routine with no need for quick fixes or gimmicks. With tips from a personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, and physical therapist you’ve got a whole team to support you so you can live a happy, healthy life!


For over 15 years, Arial has helped people with their fitness goals as an instructor, mentor and trainer. She encourages a balance of fitness, health and well-being. Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.29.31 PM

Her approach is practical because she has lived by her philosophy a day at a time for the past 20 years. Living a fit lifestyle has helped her balance a professional career and a hectic, but rich personal life. She is living proof that small changes translate into big results.

The GrooveAnywhereSM approach is rooted in this philosophy of tackling big goals with small, achievable actions. With consistent daily attention, we help you replace destructive habits with healthy a lifestyle.

The road to a fit life is not a straight line. We’re here to help through the ups and downs.

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